Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Some people...

Called my dear husband to say good morning only to discover him very discouraged.

Today is the three year anniversary of his brother's going home to glory. Calvin was only fifty, he left us too early.

Add that to what a nurse callously told him yesterday and I guess he should be discouraged. She told him his bed sore will never heal and that he is a long term patient. Don't think it was her place to tell him, or that he should have been told without us being with him when he was told. And we should have been told if this in deed fact and not just her opinion.

Sometimes I just don't know how to encourage him. I love him dearly and try to keep his spirits up.

Friday he had a visit from Dr Paul and Ruth. We have known Ruth for many years and she recalled many happy memories. As our friend Gigi says, as we age these memories grow fonder. Along with a goody bag, Dr Paul and Ruth gave him two of the best gifts ever, smiles and prayer. Thanks.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Sweet Date

Esther Faith's discharge was taking wa-a-a-a-ay longer than anticipated and Isaac was home alone....till his Mimi snagged him for a date. A sweet date.

I had called it and informed him that we were going on a date. But 10 year olds haven't got the total picture of dating--so after the order was placed at Tim Horton's it was my wallet that was used (along with my last Lincoln) to acquire our sweet treats. (the Tim Horton lady felt sorry me and gave a senior citizen discount--still not used to that).

We found a not so cozy seat and shared our drinks and timbits. Isaac tried the candy cane cocoa and declared it worthy of a return visit to Tim Horton's.

We talked school, secrets, and the wonderful features of our cell phones. He decided he needed to make sure everything was okay on mine and used half the battery feeding the frogs that live inside my phone.

Being a Grandmother racks in the top five best things in the world.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Here we go again, again

Yesterday Dwight went to wound care. We thought he was healing ok, slowly, some parts slower than others, but healing. We were told this by the nurses. We all want it to be faster, but it is what it is.

But the wound care Dr doesn't think so. "Horrid, just horrid." He admitted there is some progress, but some is much worse. So bad he wanted to admit Dwight to the hospital. But Dwight refused. He really does not want to go to the hospital. Am not sure what they would do there, other than IV antibiotic. I asked for a copy of the Doctors report but the night nurse couldn't find where the day nurse put it. We are waiting the results of a culture they took.

Then this morning Karin let us know they were taking Esther Faith to the ER. She has been vomiting all night. Waiting again...

I am glad I had my blue day earlier this week, this wouldn't be a good day for it. Am thankful for the beautiful snow, will be even more thankful if the road crews are doing a good job. Our street is plowed, but it is always one of the first, often better than RT 270!!!

Had Mr & Mrs cardinal at the window feeder this morning. So love watching the birds. And the cats watching the birds!!! Can't yell at them for sitting on the table with such temptation inches away.

Thank you in advance for all who will be praying.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Proverbs 14:13

Laughter can conceal a heavy heart,
but when the laughter ends, the grief remains.

This verse is how I awoke this morning. I am determined not the let the imps of hell win, I realize and acknowledge the greatness and goodness of God to the world, my family and myself. And that satan is a lair.

It is just my battery is almost dead and my charger is on super slow. But with God and His word I will be victorious.

Psalms 42:5,6a

Why am I discouraged?
...Why is my heart so sad?
I will put my hope in God!
...I will praise him again--
..my Savior and my God!

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Wednesday morning an aid entered Dwight's room to waken him for breakfast. What she saw shocked her and she ran--literally--to get a nurse--who also was very concerned. Dwight's catheter tubes for his dialysis had removed themselves overnight and were laying beside him on his bed.

Unfortunately, someone at the Nursing Home did not keep their concern to them self and Dwight became quite anxious, as I am sure any of us would. He called me, not sure what was going on, but very nervous. I called with a nurse friend, who explained the possible fatal result of the self removal. But, she asked, "Is he breathing? Then he is fine." (Possible results--as the tubes exited the body, air could have entered the void and then travel to the heart and causing death. Or at the exit of tubes, if it didn't close, he could have bleed to death.) But neither happened because God is in control and still has things for Dwight to do.

I called Dwight back, talked with him, prayed with him. God is faithful and Dwight felt His peace. I did not share what my friend had told me. Figured he had enough anxious thoughts for one day. He had an appointment in the afternoon, and new, longer tubes put in.(They had had trouble with those two week old tubes.)

BUT, Thursday, when Dwight went to dialysis all the workers there seemed to know about it and proceeded to tell Dwight how 'lucky' he was and what could have happened. Of course Dwight used it as an opportunity to share God with everyone in return.

Romans 8:28 And we know that causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose for them.

Dwight may be in a nursing room, unable to get into his wheelchair, needing nurses and aids to help him with almost everything. His kidneys may not be working and he needs to rely on machines to clean his blood. But he is still loving God and serving Him, anywhere and everywhere He can. I thank God for my husband and his willingness to be God's man every chance he gets.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Another Fun Day

Wednesday morning, when the aid entered Dwight's room to wake him for his morning pain pills she found something she had never seen before. The catheter tubes for his dialysis were laying on the bed beside him. They had removed themselves in the night. Not sure how, or why. Guess they just didn't like Dwight.

She went flying out of the room to find a nurse, who was extremely concerned. In fact it caused such a stir that the night nurse talked to me quite awhile as I was leaving tonight.
Although, they didn't tell Dwight, this could have been a very serious situation. But God had other plans.

All this caused great anxiety in Dwight, who called me to help him calm down, altho' he was quite calm when he told me. We talked awhile, and prayed together. I called my nurse friend who reassured me that since they were out with no bleeding, etc, we should be thankful.

Dwight went and had new tubes inserted, he is alot of extra pain, and still slightly shaken, but ready to go off to dialysis tomorrow. Hopefully, with new tubes dialysis will be uneventful. Tuesday the tubes were partially blocked and needed opened and the machine kept setting off the alarms, resulting in a shortened dialysis. We like it best when things run smoothly.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Holding Pattern

Things seem to be pretty much in a routine now. There are some little ups and downs, but nothing big right now. Dialysis is on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, with adjustments made for holiday weeks. The bedsore is slowly healing with the aid of a wound vac and a couple of nurses who really care and know how to change it.

Unfortunately, yesterday, (Tuesday) Dwight was unable to have dialysis because the ports where plugged, again, it has only been two weeks since they were replaced. He goes this afternoon to have them replaced and then, time permitting, he will have dialysis.

Last week they did minor surgery on his left arm, again. The surgery in the wrist didn't grow large enough to use so now they are trying to create one near the elbow. They had to cut quite deep into his bicep to find a usable artery. He was told they have never dug that deep before. He did have huge muscles from working so hard. Of course, this continues to keep him from physcial therapy.

Dwight is handling most of this very well, altho' there are times he is very down, especially when the pain and loneliness get overwhelming. The cards and phone calls he receives are a great encouragement.

My granddaughter Aurora and I are quite excited to see the snow, but I can guarantee that my husband will have a very strong opposite reaction. Don't you love how different spouses are????

Again, thank you to all of you who are so caring and praying. Your prayers give us the added strength we need.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Play Date Cancelled

I have put off all summer and fall scheduling a date for family and friends to come and help me remove and replace parts of the ramp that have gotten bad. Partly I forgot because of the lack of rain we have had. Whenever it rains the wood swells and the de-lamination is more obvious.

But I put it off too long it seems. First we have Kristen spraining her ankle and calf, and now Tim has decided to get a set of crutches with the multiple breaks in his foot. I had hoped they would be my main labor, but.... (I had hoped Karin would be the chief kid entertainer and food preparer.)

If we had done it in warmer weather I would have equipped the grandchidren with paintbrushes and paint, what fun we have missed. And I am sure plenty of photos.

Spring is coming. We will just have to be extra careful shoveling snow this winter on the bad parts.

"Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today...."

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cat Whisperer

Yesterday Dwight had a procedure in the Dr office that was only 50% successful. He now needs to go to the Hospital for the second half. Not happy. He was rather discouraged at this and wanted me to spend extra time with him.

I went home to let the dog out and fix a light supper for myself. Kristen and the kids stopped in for a couple minutes. As I was waving good bye to them I noticed something in the tree across the alley. A cat, a stuck in the tree cat. Being the cat lover I am I couldn't just walk away. I talked to her while I appraised the situation. The solution appeared to be either a get a ladder or leave her there.

I decided to talk her down. The kids watched from the van, Jackson offered the suggestion we call the fire department. He mom explained that only happens in stories and small towns.

It didn't take long to get her with in reach. Showing her to the kids in the van, Aurora announced we should keep her. The thought had already played in my mind. I had never seen her around, and she definitely is a house cat. She is on trial. I have offered the open door a couple times, but she just backed way--as in 'no way.'

She has made three enemies. None of our other 'girls' have shown her any welcome. Quite the opposite. But she does know her way around a house, including the kitchen counter, as we discovered this morning. The cat door to basement is now locked.

We will see....

In the mean time, names are being tried out...

Pictures later, I think I better check out what that noise was in the basement.

Kids say...

A week ago Friday, after Kristen and Aurora took a tumble down the stairs, Aurora had a rough night. Kicking and crying in her sleep. Of course she couldn't get into bed with Mother, so...in she crawled with Mimi.

The next night I worked till nine, then stopped to see Dwight. Aurora had informed her Mother she needed to see me before she went to bed. Kristen assured her I would check in on her before I went to bed myself. Aurora also informed her that if needed, she would get in bed with Mimi and not hurt Mommy's leg.

As promised, I checked on both Jackson and Aurora and went to sleep. I awoke about an hour later from the sensation of someone staring at me. There, just inches from my face was a little, almost five year old face. I took her in. Rubbed her back, asking her several questions as to why she needed to be in bed with me. All were answered, 'no'. Finally, with true teenage tone, she stated, "I just don't want to talk about it." Nuff said, I worked real hard at not laughing.

In the morning, after much giggling, I asked, "Why did you get into bed with Mimi?"

"Because I wanted too."

We did have a discussion on staying in your own bed.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Note from Dwight

Dear Friends and Family,

Susie's blog has been hijacked. The hijacker is well known to most of you. But to the few who may not know, Susie's current hijacker is little ole me, Susie's husband, Dwight. It has been a long time since I have had a chance to talk to most of you, so I thought I would bring you a personal update just to let you know I am still here.

Life for me has settled into an uneasy routine. My hopes and plans , tho' , are constantly being changed by things beyond my control Dr visits, dialysis, severe pain constantly interrupt my attempts at physical therapy and therefore going home. I am given no idea when I can I do so.

I would like to say “thank you” to all of the good people who have sent cards, written notes of encouragement, called on the phone, and even visited. Especially, those who have taken the time to pray for me and to speak my name before the heavenly Father. I can tell when there are those who are praying especially hard for me during difficult times. I desperately need for you to keep praying for me.
I find myself praying for you as well and seeking God's help for the needs you share with me. Isn't God's family amazing!

Many thanks to Susie her help getting this onto her blog(even typing it up for me on her little purple net book!) Unfortunately I do not have access to either computers or the internet. Just another reason to get well and go home..........

Thanks again for all your concern and care,
signed---the Hijacker

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New Room

Friday Dwight was moved to a private room. We were given two different reasons. 1) they have two people coming in and need his double room (note--the room is still empty!) 2) it is because of him having MRSA. Really? He has had it for how many months?, and now he needs to be in a single room? Somethings just don't make sense.

His new room is in the same wing, just further down the hall. Room 121. It has a much nicer view. He was nervous about the move and is still settling in. A few things still need adjusted for his comfort. It is impossible for him to reach the dresser top and his goody basket. Will have to see what we can do.

Dwight was put into his wheelchair so he could supervise the move. Somehow,in the move, one of the air hoses on the bed was bumped loose. I was not able to get in to see Dwight Friday because of Kristen's tumble down the stairs and her visit to the ER, so I was unaware of the deflated section. When I got in Saturday evening, I noticed the top quarter of the bed was flat. Dwight said he was told they couldn't do anything about it. I could feel the loose hose in the side of the bed, it was blowing nice hot air. But I could find no hose free to connect it to. I went after an aid, usually a very helpful one, but she said--'I don't know' and was gone. Not for help, but for a break and a smoke. Never came back. Sunday, a new nurse (new to Dwight) saw his blight and was on the phone with the bed rental company. They gave her instructions on fixing it. She could not and called them back and told them to get in there immediately--that no patient should have to put with that discomfort until they could conveniently fit it into their schedule. Fixed bed. Nurse given an award!!!

Monday Dwight had his third set of ex-rays taken in a week on his kidneys. The Dr isn't sure how many stints he has put in them. (?????) Two ex rays were taken with a portable ex ray machine at the nursing home by a portable tech--he didn't do a good job so Dwight was taken to the hospital for them. The transport drivers stayed right with him and would not budge until the techs had read them and assured them they had good pictures.

The Steelers won last night. The kids called. There are no current low pressures. The sun is shining. So Dwight is happy today.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Angels Watchin' Over Me

I normally drive 'slightly' over the speed limit. The middle, or far left lane are where you will find me, except for exiting.

As normal, I was buzzing along, on my way to work, in the far left lane on 270, just after the Hillard exit. I notice movement in my left mirror. There shouldn't be movement in my left mirror.

But I did. A car was sliding along, at a high rate of speed on it's top. It flew down into the median, through the super strong fence that is 'supposed' to stop cars from going into opposing traffic. Up onto the shoulder of the south bound traffic. At the speed it was going it should have gone right into the traffic, but it stopped on the shoulder as if someone had put out their hand and stopped it. Or an angel.

It all happened so fast. I have no idea what caused the car to go out of control. Why it came towards me and then went into the median or why it stopped without causing more destruction. But God does and I thank Him. And pray for the driver and any others that may have been in the car.

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Computer Ate It

I know several of you have checked for my lasted update only to find none. Well, there was one, several paragraphs long. I was just winding down when my computer ate it. My cute little purple net book--just ate it. It seems some update had been downloaded (without my permission) and then installed and oh, lets see, yes we need to restart. But don't tell the human you are going to do so. Seeing as it was almost midnight and I was running on empty I simply closed the offending object and found my pillow.

And I have been very occupied since. My family has filled my days with fun and activity. Check Karin's blog for her score of pictures and well written documentary of Friday and Saturday. (hennhoouse.blogspot.com)

As to Dwight. It was another of those, 'this can't be happening' weeks. Pain increased due to record making low pressure and the storms that went with it. Then the news that his fuscial (sp?) is not growing and a new one needs built. He was on the stretcher to go to said appointment when the nursing home got the call it was cancelled. He was actually on his was down the hall. It is rescheduled for this week. He was only able to get into his wheelchair one day. Friday, he called me come eat lunch with him sitting up, but Karin and my two granddaughters had whisked me off to a birthday lunch and I missed it, but had fun and great food. Maybe this week.

Dwight had a wonderful day Sunday. Sam had come down Saturday for our Family Dinner and then spend all Sunday afternoon and evening with Dwight, reading him more from the book he (Sam) wrote. Kristen and the kids stopped in on the way to Jackson's soccer game. Later Karin, Tim and their three stopped in at supper time. So he had all three Children and all five Grandkids visit, hug and love on him. He is one happy Dad, Granddad.

He also received several cards/notes this week.

These are the things (and his love for the LORD) that keep him going and encouraged. Thanks to everyone.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

No Wheels

After all the high hopes of last week, this week let the air out of our balloon.

Monday two people called off work from Dwight's unit at Mill Run so he didn't get into his wheelchair and didn't get his 'Run' in the halls. Tuesday was dialysis, which tires Dwight. Wednesday off to a Dr and then the start of a new treatment, so no wheelchair Wednesday.

And then today--Unbelievable--off to an appointment at 7:30 AM. An hour of waiting on a stretcher in the hall for the Doctor to come in. The Dr just makes small talk, so Dwight asks--'why am I here?' to which the Dr says, 'I don't know, let me find out.' For real. He had no reason.

Back to Mill Run for breakfast at 10:30 and then off to dialysis.

Tomorrow is an appointment to have the ports replaced for dialysis, so it looks like the wheelchair will sit another day. Needless to say Dwight is disappointed about this after the progress last week.

Hopefully, this is just a short set back and he will be wheeling around again next week. Soon he will be out and about, making friends and bringing smiles to faces.

If you would like to send him a card:

Room 111
Mill Run Gardens and Care Center
3399 Mill Run
Hillard, Oh 43026

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Yesterday they got Dwight up into his wheelchair, but this time it wasn't just to sit and eat his lunch and talk with his neighbor. No, they added his foot rests and off he went. Down the hall (past the rooms of all the little old ladies that always stop and say hi to him!!). And then off and down another hall. And back......for three hours.

Needless to say he was very tired and feel asleep right after supper.

His roommate took pictures, but he can't text so I have no pictures. But Dwight is very happy. I must admit, this is the first time I have really felt like things are looking up, very looking up! I better start get things moved around for his homecoming.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Starting Physical Therapy

They started Dwight on physical therapy last Wednesday. Basically just sitting up: they swing his legs off the side of the bed and have him sit up. Both days he was light headed and dizzy. He is hoping to get into his wheelchair soon and maybe even to the physical therapy room.

I ask all of you who pray to help me pray for Dwight to be approved for Medicaid. I applied in June and the only thing I have heard is a request for some more paper work which I faxed them. 12 times. Just making sure....

I have called and left voice messages--(he doesn't answer his phone). I have faxed inquires numerous times. The nursing home says they have attempted to get a hold of him.

It is very important that we be approved. We owe huge amounts to hospitals, doctors, transport and now the nursing home bill came for Sept. Oct--$25,000. I am afraid we are going to have to bring him home. But we have neither the equipment nor expertise to care for him. The transport bill needs some paid on it or we may lose it, and we haven't gotten a bill for dialysis yet for the past three months..


Thank you to all who will be praying with our family for this important issue.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lesson in cookie eating

Thursday Aurora stayed home with me so she go play with Esther Faith after school. In the mean time we had a great time, including her reminding me she was allowed to have cookies. Give several choices, she demanded fudge stripe. She then taught me the correct way to eat them. They were followed with Swedish Kid Coffee (half milk, half coffee and sugar) I do believe she enjoyed her coffee break.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

end of day

I kissed Dwight as they wheeled him out of room 945. Pastor Tim and I rode with him to the third floor and to radiology. I went to the waiting room and Pastor Tim left for another hospital. (Do we truly appreciate that Man of God? He is super!)

I waited and waited. I asked two different people to check on the pre-surgery progress. Was assured they would let me know. Seemed like too long a wait, when I faintly heard my name paged, with a request to call a phone number. And of course, I had no cell service. Finding a phone I could use I called and was hung up on. Called again and no answer. So I went to the surgery waiting room, once there my phone worked. It seems Dwight was lying in OR, out cold, and had not been given the consent form to sign and they needed my OK. Hm-m-mm-m??????????????

The Doctor consult was not what I wanted to hear. We had been told that there were 3 stones in the left kidney, they only found and took out 2, "but some could have clustered"..... "Oh, and there is one 7mm in the right kidney. Maybe it will come out when the stints are taken out next week."

Dwight is quite tired, running a fever, and will have to have dialysis again tomorrow. The dialysis port was used for his IV and some meds so it didn't work right for his dialysis today. He will, therefore, spent another day at Grant. He had hoped to go back to Mill Run tomorrow.

Thanks to all who check my ramblings, care and pray. I (we) appreciate it more than we can tell you.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Last Surgery?

Dwight returned to Grant Hospital this afternoon. Scheduled return.

Surgery tomorrow morning to remove three kidney stones from the left kidney. The kidney they supposedly removed all the stones from in June.

Aurora and I went to visit Papa after supper. She was all smiles as she walked in, waiting for him to realize she was there. And of course, his smile was huge. They had quite a conversion about spiders, including her rendition of her Mother's screaming when she sees a spider.

We were not happy to see a nurse struggle to find a vein to get an IV going. It was the third attempt since he got there. It seems they either run into scar tissue and can't get through, or when they do get through the vein fails. There were ready to try again when Dwight stopped them. He told them he had something he needed to. He called Aurora to him and prayed with her so we could leave. Many times the nurses/aids/Doctors either ignore the prayer and continue with what they want to do or leave the room. These two nurses just stepped back and respected Papa with one of his grandkids.

Yesterday we were able to have worship with Karin, Tim, Isaiah, Isaac and Esther Faith. It is great to watch the young ones as they are learning about God and His wonderful work. The Henn Kids each colored him a picture for Papa's room -- each clearly exposing their special feeling for Papa.

We are very blest to have five wonderful grandkids, and their wonderful parents.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy Birthday--Good and Bad

Things have been going along fairly calm. We have been in a routine. Dwight has dialysis Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Any Dr appointments are on off days. Because my schedule has me working mostly to close(9 PM), I stop and see Dwight on my way home, staying till 11 or 11:30 PM. Routine.

Physical Therapy is to start soon. In fact, today. Strength building exercises that he can do in his bed.

Monday was Dwight's and Tim's birthday. Sunday evening we all gathered in Dwight's room for cake, ice cream, singing and laughing. Oh, and a lot of pictures. Visit Karin's blog for some great shots by Tim.

We all enjoyed the night, some eating too much. Isaiah volunteered to eat, finish anything we didn't want. Dwight thought he had eaten to much, as he didn't feel well about 10:00. As it turned out he was sick all night, including a fever of 102.8. At 8:00 AM his nurse decided they couldn't take care of him and scheduled him a trip to the ER. Gr-r-r.

At the ER it seemed to take way-y-y-y too-o-oo-o long to decide he has a bladder infection. but it seems they had reserved a bed for him for overnight. We weren't told it by his Primary Dr, just told that they wanted to be able to give him an IV if the fever came back. Dwight refused. An RN called the Nursing Home and led them to believe he was very sick.....that he shouldn't leave the hospital. Double Gr-r-r-r

But Dwight returned to Mill Run with a RX to fight the infection. Made it to dialysis today and started physical therapy. Usually he has little appetite after dialysis, but he did eat some tonight.

We are praying, and asking for prayer, that the infection will be gone by Monday so he can have the surgery on the left kidney on Tuesday as planned. With NO upsets.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Great Visit

Dwight's sister-in-law lives 1200 miles away. In Salt Lake City. Utah. Way too far away for weekly visits. Or monthly visits. Or holiday visits. Just too far away.

But we have had three visits.

(Side note: Dwight's brother, Calvin moved to Utah after their Dad went home to Glory. Meet and married a wonderful woman, Lynette. They, and Lynette's son, Zach made a wonderful family ans were greatly enjoying life. They had plans dor a trip to Ohio to meet us all when Calvin got very sick and joined his parents in Glory. Lynette kept their plans and visited us the next April. It was the first we meet our out west family--and they are definitely family).

This weekend Lynette, Zach and their friend Kim flew out to Pittsburgh to visit Kim family in Johnstown, to cheer the Steelers to victory (face paint and all). Then a trip to see us in Columbus.
Complete with Steeler gifts.

We paid a visit to Dwight. Lynette pulled out a bag and handed Dwight a stack of old books, not any old books. But song books, chorus books and a camp meeting song book that all have "Ralph C. Shirey" hand written in the upper right corner of the cover.

Dwight slowly went through each book, stopping often to read or sing a line, a verse, or an entire song. Was hard to hold in the emotions: Dwight was singing again. Memories of Mom Shirey playing the piano (that was a Christmas gift one year from Dad), while Dad, Dwight and Calvin sang in harmony--harmony that is unique to family voices. Lots of memories. Including the new one made Monday night.

Tears, smiles, hugs, prayer together and more hugs. What a great day. What great visit.

Friday, September 10, 2010


Wednesday I stopped on my way to work to leave Dwight a few things and see how his arm was feeling.

He had a visitor. Why is it that when people get a title they get an attitude of self-importance and a condensing air? Just asking..

I could sense immediately that Dwight was upset, very upset. He wasn't necessarily showing it, but after 38 years of marriage you do tend to pick up on things. It seems, that on Sunday, September 12th, Dwight's 100 days of stay, paid for (and co-paid for) are up. And they have a waiting list of people who want in for long care. And Dwight (I) need to start looking for another home to take him. Oh, he can stay till the 27th, when he goes to hospital for his next kidney surgery. What? I just walked by 6 rooms-6 double rooms with only one person in them. Waiting list, empty beds? And that was only one hall.

Since I walked into the middle of the conversation, and Dwight was upset I wasn't sure I understood it all. I am not sure 'she' did either. She keep referring to another person who was 'off today." And we need to get answers from her. I informed them that we were still waiting to hear from the gentleman about Dwight's application for Medicaid. Waiting, waiting, calling--leaving messages, over and over, faxing that we are waiting, over and over and still waiting....

And, put Dwight on their waiting list. He has been here, doesn't want to leave till it is time to return to our home.

Yesterday (Thursday) someone stopped in Dwight's room and told him that he can stay four more months, if needed. Then it would be month by month, if necessary. Not sure whose tree was rattled, but--------------

PRAISE THE LORD!!! He hears and answers prayer.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Same old, same old--and something new

Things have been pretty much the same for Dwight. Dialysis three times a week. Reruns and some new shows on USA. Farscape on the DVD player. An occasional call or visit. Mostly just lying in bed because they still won't start physical therapy because of the bed sore.

I don't know how he stands it, I sure won't. I would want to be reading or sewing. We won't even discuss how much he has missed getting to the wood shop this summer. And reading...that is pretty much lost to him. With his glasses missing (in a nurses drawer) for three months his eyes really suffered. He can't even wear his regular glasses now, he wears his reading glasses for everything. Sure wish he could get an eye exam and get new glasses. Maybe sometime in the next years. He does get several woodworking magazines--he does enjoy the pictures! I will save most of them.

Yesterday, (Wednesday) he had a permanent pic line installed in his left arm for dialysis. They gave him a nerve block and his arm was pretty much useless the rest of the day. Was humorous when I would forget and hand him a magazine to look at a picture and he couldn't hold it. Didn't stop him from enjoying his meals, including pie for lunch yesterday.

He has a regular prayer list and special requests I bring to him. Altho he can't read God's word, he does pray daily for many people.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Surgery Date

Hurry up and wait. Dr Brown really wants to get this done so Dwight can get busy getting back to normal.

BUT the first open date they have is September 28th. No, it has nothing to do with our asking that the surgery not be September 13th. The 28th is simply the earliest they have.

But, if they have a cancelation they will call and let us know. Is it okay to say 'Gr-r-r-r'?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

More Surgery

Dwight had a visit with Dr Brown. We were hoping for a great report. What we got was me being taken to the office. Dr Brown's office, where he showed me the cat scan of Dwight's kidneys. There are at least three stones still in the left kidney. One large. And another surgery in about three weeks. Hopefully Dr Brown will be able to put a tube into the left kidney (through the back) and remove the stones.

We asked if they would schedule it after September 13 when Dwight's sister in law is flying in from Salt Lake City to see him. (And the Steeler's!!!)

Our family is praying VERY HARD that everything will go just fine--normal--no surprises, set backs, etc. If we can get that done, and his bed sores healed we can hit physical therapy real hard-----and then maybe home. Maybe the kidneys will resume their job and we can say good bye to diayalsis.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Beam me up, Scottie

Yesterday I made a quilting supply run to Harbour Freight. Really can't give the salespeople,(no change that to clerks), working any high marks for service. They were neither friendly nor willing to be helpful. They were supposed to be holding three packages of carpet cutting blades for my friend Buff. They were not, nor did they have any idea where I might find them. Finally one reluctantly helped me. Informing her that I wanted the three for my friend and the other two for me, she gave a cold look, stated that there are two blades in each pack and put two back on the wall. Really, was she deciding for me how many I wanted to buy? Or just avoiding reordering? Of course you know whose line I chose to get in when I purchased all five packages....

After work I stopped to visit my sweet husband and found a cute PT Cruiser in the Mill Run parking lot. Buff decided that she wanted to get her Harbour Freight merchandise from an frequent shopper of Harbour Freight, so she and her little dog joined me in visiting Dwight. Had a great visit, and her little dog was no small part of it. He joined Dwight on the bed and settled in for some loving from the dog lover himself. Dwight and Buff enjoyed each other also, not to leave her out. And she did get her blades.

Oh, the dog--Scottie, white welsh terrier. Little dog, big lover, loud barker.

Wish I had taken a picture--just need Tim around more.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Trips--too many

I have held off posting hoping to give a different update than the one I am giving. (Alright, I have been busy with busyness also).

Dwight has been going to dialysis three times a week. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, leaving at 11:00 AM and returning just in time for supper. Long, boring days. I wanted to try and get him an Ipad. He refused, but Kristen and I entered a couple of drawings for one anyhow. Dwight says they have nice flat screen TVs at each station.

The last labs returned with his creatinene(misspelled) level very down, much nearer to normal than it has been for a couple of years. His BUN level was very, very much improved. His kidney output has increased greatly. So 24 hour test of his urine was taken.

Dialysis will continue. His kidneys, although there is great output, the actual function is only at 3%. Needless to say he was very disappointed with this news.

We are still praying for his kidneys to remember their job. A new test will be taken in a few weeks.

He still hasn't started physical therapy. The incision is not healed. Soon....

Dwight is very grateful for his visits from Pastor Tim Swanson. They have been a wonderful blessing and encouragement. Pastor Tim served Dwight communion last week and Dwight felt a deep touch from the LORD.

This week Dwight began to disciple a young lady in her desire to share the LORD. God can use us anywhere, even if we don't pick the location.

God is good....All the time.

Speed Read

If you speed read, you MUST go back and slow read if it important info...

In June I received an email about a Birthday party my graduating class is holding for everyone from our class. (Most are hitting a very BIG number this year)

I 'speed read' it; noted the date. Talked it over with my hubby, worried about all his issues. Requested,and got off the two days necessary to make the trip up and back. Gave myself a talk about not speed driving--least not the whole trip. But you do have to 'go with the flow.'

Then, as the day grew closer, and I realized Dwight is pretty stable, I dug back through the emails, found and printed it. And 'slow read' it...and found the line I missed. "Send check of $$ to .....by July 31 for the buffet" Which, off course, I didn't do. That last week of July was surgery week. Week of 'is it going to work this time?'

So....it doesn't pay to speed read, you don't get to eat with your high school friends if you do.


Post on Dwight later this morning.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back to Mill Run

Dwight had dialysis three times last week at Grant Hospital. He says it is very boring. One of the kidney Doctors told him that we would know in about 2 weeks if it has jump started his kidneys. We all are praying this is the case. Dwight does seem more tired from this, altho we were told that was possible. He has been nauseated allot, but no can give us an exact cause. I hope it goes away soon so that he can start eating a better diet. And not sure losing any more weight would be good for him either. It is at least 130 pounds.

Yesterday at supper time they moved him back to Mill Run. He missed supper, but didn't mind, but also missed some meds due to the transfer.

He is in room 111A. Cell 614-214-5288. Double checking on his room #. He will be leaving for dialysis Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Once his incision is healed we believe he will be in Physical and Occupational Therapy. Because the MRSA is localized in the bed sore, I hope it doesn't hold him back.

Last Saturday we read scripture, he sang several praise choruses and we had a good time of prayer.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Decision made...

Dwight was able to eat an apple yesterday afternoon and a full, but boring, supper yesterday. He was in good spirits when I visited in the evening.

We both are aware of the many prayers being brought to the throne on his behalf. We know they are being answered. We are grateful and realize we don't even know alot the people praying. God is good and His people are obedient. We do pray for God to bless these brothers and sisters in the Lord. It would be fun to know what states people are from, also their names.

This morning the Doctor came in confused. Dwight is better, but his numbers are worse. He just doesn't understand it. So a decision has been made. A port will be put in today, if done by 2:00 PM he will have his first dialysis today. The Doctor did admit that it is possible for the kidneys to get back on track!!!! They are also looking a dialysis center closer to his nursing home.

Guess he won't make it to the wood shop this summer.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Will he or won't he?

Dwight's kidney function has been decreasing everyday for the last week. Dangerously decreasing so that he is unable to eat and is nauseous. We were told that if the levels went down again last night he would start kidney dialysis today.

As is the norm in the medical field you get told different things from different people. One told us that one or two treatments may jump start the kidneys. Another said, no, once you start you are on it for life. Who is right?

Dwight's results from last night are that he is leveling off. So they are not starting today, but are waiting another day to see how the next results are. But his kidneys are only operating at 10%, so I don't understand why they aren't doing anything.

Dwight was also told that he may be returning to Mill Run in a day or two. There they will be testing his blood every two or three days. Not sure I am comfortable with any of this.

Pastor Tim visited him yesterday and they had a great discussion. That is so good on many levels. I played him the Jeremy Camp song last night and he was very blessed.

We are hoping the MRSA continues to improve so that others are comfortable with visiting him. I am thankful it is not a very dangerous strain of MRSA.

I received a love gift from a dear friend yesterday that is another reminder that in all of this God is walking with us, and is in control.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Is There No End?

Dwight's surgery was a success. He was tired and slept alot, but everything appeared to be going just fine. Even with the blood transfusion to build up his red blood count. We were just waiting for the drain tube in the incision to be removed and for clearance from all Doctors -- then back to the nursing room to start rehab.


Saturday night Dwight was told he has MRSA in his bed sore. There goes Sunday visits and snuggles with the grandchildren.

Saturday night and Sunday night the night nurse decides not to wake Dwight up for his midnight pain meds. Meds he HAS TO HAVE to handle the 24/7 pain. It is a written order, every night at midnight. Every night, wake him up--give him his meds. Always, till this nurse decides not to...needless to say Dwight has suffered. This morning he let them know his thoughts on that. I am sure it won't happen again.

They haven't been giving him his colace(seems they thought they had a better plan, one that has already been tried and failed)--till Dr Sams steps in and insist on it, but now he is five days behind and suffering for it.

This morning he is told he has to have a kidney x-ray, it seems his kidney function is decreasing. It was ok before. If it doesn't improve in 48 hours....

Test results: kidneys just are not returning to full function after this last invasion. And they have a yeast infection. Is there no end?

It is remarkable how he handles all this. Only with the grace and strength of God.

We are still looking up. God is in control, even if we totally do not understand.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Finally, after many attempts, the surgery to open Dwight's right kidney is a success. They removed the scar tissue, (that they couldn't laser through), and reattached it to ureter. We have drainage. Dwight will be so happy to have the tube removed from his back. On to physical therapy is about two weeks.

Dr G says there are still chucks in his left kidney that will need to be removed. No time frame or procedure plan. Maybe an incision. We will have to wait and see.

I am so thankful for all the people how have prayed, called sent cards, called and the hugs.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Info correction

Dwight called just as the kids and I ever getting to the van to visit. At Jackson's insistence--it is his Birthday #7 and he had to open his gift from Papa with Papa. But....

Dwight was being taken to Grant right that minute. Seems the Dr had ordered him there a day early, altho NO One knew. Not even the hospital when he got there. He isn't in the room he was told,but in a different one. We still don't know why he is there early.

And Jackson didn't get to open his gift with Papa. How disappointing.
And frustrating.


Dwight's surgery is tomorrow. We got the word from the nurse at Mill Run, not from the Doctor's office. Grr-r-r-r.

The surgery is scheduled for 2:45, we realize they always run late. They are picking Dwight up at 11:45 to have him there for his 12:45 check in appointment.

Dwight is anxious and spent much time in prayer during the night. The Lord impressed on him that he should anointed with oil today or tomorrow. It may have to be done in proxity.

Dwight would also feel better if he knew there was concentrated prayer for him. I realize I can not organize a prayer meeting this quick, but I do ask that all that can if you would say an extra prayer for him sometime this afternoon or evening -- and if you would let one of us know.

Dwight's room phone is 614-527-7147 if you would like to pray with him on the phone. We both would appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Sad News

Things have been going along fairly predictable. Long, mostly boring days for Dwight. Mostly in bed, occasionally sitting up at the edge of the bed for an hour or so. No new infections. A few visitors. A phone call now and then from someone besides me. And an occasional card.

We had a meeting with the Social Worker who said Dwight wasn't making any progress in physical therapy. (How could he with a drain tube in his back and a pic line in his arm?!?!?!?!!??). Basically, if he didn't a bed sore, medicare would kick him out. Thankful for a bedsore???

He got a new roommate early in July. Bill. Nice guy, celebrated his 75th Birthday at a family picnic with all of his extended family. He and they had a great time. He came back to Mill Run tired, but happy. Bill's son and two daughters that live in the area visited him daily. Bill seemed to doing fine till about a week ago. Each day he slept more and seemed more out of it.

Wednesday, in the early morning hours Bill took a real bad turn for the worst. His family was called in with the message: could be hours, could be days. Dwight was moved out of the room into the room across the hall so that they could have privacy. We prayed that the third daughter would make it into town, she did. Bill passed this morning. We didn't realize how much we had come to like this family. We truly feel their pain. Many hugs were exchanged. One of the daughters has said she will be back to visit Dwight. (The same one who brings him treats!!!)

Dwight had attempted to witness to Bill. Only God knows the results. This is the fourth time we know of that God has given Dwight an opportunity to be used of Him in the life of others during the last month.

Dwight's new roommate is a fellow Christian. A WWII vet, fought at Bunker Hill, as did Dwight's father. Wow!

Dwight's surgery is still scheduled for Tuesday. We are praying hard that nothing causes any problems. I ask all who read this to join us in prayer for final success in Dwight's kidney health---and then physical therapy.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Should we be surprised?

We have thought, basically were told while Dwight was at Grant, that Dwight's surgery would be next Tuesday, the 20th.

Today Dwight as asked a couple questions about getting ready for it, the nurse didn't have answers and called the Dr. His surgery isn't till the 27th. But we weren't called, they weren't called; just don't understand this. Dwight didn't tell me till I was at work so I couldn't call....

On a happy note, Dwight has had visitors at lunch time twice this week. Visitors, cards and phone calls are always welcome.

I am so thankful that he continues to be in good spirits, this is going on so long.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Holding Pattern

Things have been fairly normal for Dwight at Mill Run since his return Friday--after the family invasion that is. He still smiles real big when he recalls it.

Normal is mostly boring. Lying in his bed. Sitting in his bed. Eating three meals. (he really likes most of their food, even getting extras at times.) Watching news. Watching reruns. Watching the birds at the bird feeder, if his blinds are open. Waiting for me to stop in on my way home from work. Normal. Mostly boring.

Till yesterday. They weighted him, he has lost another 5 pounds. They washed his hair, it has been way, way too long since the last time. Three hours in his wheelchair, a lot of that in therapy, arm exercises. Kristen cutting his hair. Short. Too short for me, but he likes it. A very busy day for a guy who is normally bored.

Today he had more excitement. The lawn mowing crew was careless and knocked over several shepherds hooks with bird feeds on them. He was one of them, but his hit the window. The screen is tore up but the window isn't broke. PTL. I had purchased a new shepherds hood, it is still here. Guess it goes over to him tonight.

Hope the rest of the day is better.

His surgery is scheduled for next Tuesday, the 20th. Praying for no hiccups.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Day Off

Today was my day off. After arguing with myself, I decided to just sit and watch a movie. An old movie. An old, old movie.

This month we have a free channel: Retroplex. It plays old, old movies. Black and white. Early John Wayne. Etc. This morning it was a movie about Annie Oakley, my earliest childhood heroine, outside my family. It was a very good, old, black and white movie. The action scenes were interesting, as they are in all old movies. I was really enjoying it, in spite of dozen of questions from the 10 year old and almost 7 year old grandsons. They decided it was a good movie: guns, horses, Indians, old trains, bull wrestling, etc. Aurora was quietly playing with her favorite red Dodge monster truck and empty thread spools. (They make road edges...)

Then the call came. Dwight was being taken to the ER. His tube had broken and come out sometime in the morning. So much for sitting. I rushed to do all necessary to leave for who knew how long. Aurora was beside me step by step helping.

I then noticed the boys sitting together in Papa's big blue chair. Praying. For Papa being nervous. For an easy surgery. And who knows what all--just themselves and God.

But they were praying, first one and then the other. "Where two or three agree in prayer..."

I hate to say it, but the whole day was worth it to see those two exercise their growing faith.

It was a long, nerve racking day, about five hours at the hospital, but it ended good. A new tube inserted, altho it took two trys. He was back at Mill Run in time for supper.

Tim, Karin, Kristen and all five grandkids went to Build A Bear. I even went along--and I don't like Malls. We stopped in to see Dwight on the way home. Happy Papa. He was the happiest I have seen him in a long time. His smile, seeing all of us was the best and biggest we have had since all this started.

We thank God, once again for His faithful control and care of us.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Can you believe it?

Surgery was scheduled for noon. I made up a lunch of snack/finger foods for the grandchildren and headed to the hospital early enough to visit Dwight in his room before they wheeled him off.

Dwight was very happy to see us, and of course the kids had big smiles for their Papa. Shortly after we got there (and broke out the food) two Doctors from Dwight's kidney practice came in asking lots of questions about the surgery. I refrained from reminding them that there is a patient chart they can read. And that it is his kidneys that are having issues--they really should know some of this.

Then in walked Dr Brown and a resident. Wish you could have seen Jackson and normally shy Aurora, all smiles and "hi Dr Brown". You would think they were best friends.

I knew this wasn't just a last minute visit. Dr Brown explained that he had had a call from the infectious disease Dr and they had decided that it was best not to do the surgery at this time because of the current infections.( I counted five he mentioned, three in the blood). They are not sure of the cause of them, and will be running more tests to pinpoint them better. A pic line will be put in, and IV antibiotics will be administered. And he will be going back to Mill Run Care Center tomorrow for about two weeks. That is the earliest the two Doctors can tag team again.

Dwight's emotions were pretty well contained, I thought, but on the way home Jackson told me that Papa was disappointed. When everyone left Dwight said he wanted to pray, Jackson immediately went over and joined hands with Papa. A nurse came in, saw them and quietly left.

I am so happy that Issac and Jackson have such a close connection with their grandfather. It is a true blessing.

And on it goes.....

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Really?!?!? More?!?!?!!??

Both daughters and their families were able to get a visit in with their Dad and Papa today. Not sure who enjoyed it more, the Papa or the Grand kids. Karin told me later that Dwight kept dozing off during their visit, more than normal. When I tried to call him to let him know I was on my way he slept thru the phone ringing. And the tech had to wake him to order his supper, which he hardly ate.

He kept dozing off. Conversation is a challenge, he has trouble answering. Finally they took a blood oxygen reading and it was 86. It has been a constant activity since. Oxygen, EKG, more blood work, two Doctors, a call to Dr Sams (his family Dr). A chest x ray is ordered. Blood work from Saturday came back, another infection. Now we are waiting for transport to come and move him to step down, where he will be watched more.

His nurse on the floor tonight is both the nurse and the tech, and the only one for his wing. Definitely over worked tonight.

Not sure what this means to his surgery on Tuesday. It is a real challenge for both of to leave this in God's hands. We have read a lot of scripture tonight. It has helped us keep our focus on God and surrender (again) to his sovereign will.

more later....

just got word, they are keeping on this floor and keeping a close eye on him and upping his antibiotics. PTL

Friday, July 2, 2010


As part of their vacation, Karin and Tim planned a trip to the Zoo. Their family pass includes their niece and nephew, so their child group was five strong. Tim then decided Mimi should go too. Dwight wasn't sure if it was a good idea, he was afraid Tim planned to leave me with the lions, tigers or bears. But he said for me to take a chance and go.

It was a perfect day weather wise. It was crowded, think alot of people started their weekend early. We all enjoyed ourselves. I took a few pictures, but Tim took hundreds, I am sure Karin will be posting some soon.

The girls were just the cutest thing ever, going through the entire Zoo holding hands. Forgot to get a picture of that.

And, obviously, Tim didn't leave me. As the Purple People Eater says, "I wouldn't eat you, cuz you're so tough."

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Tale Continues

Surgery was set for 9:50 AM. We were here by 8:00 AM. He was taken to surgery at 11:00 AM. It was to be an hour surgery. At 1:00 PM I was called to consult with the Dr.

He thinks he got it all out of the right kidney, but there seems to be a blockage and he is calling in Dr Brown to fix it. (Oh and there might be fragments left in the left kidney.)

At 1:10 PM I signed papers and was told it would take 15 - 30 minutes to fix it. Two hours later I am having a very hard time not being anxious. (Philippians 4:6) and let God be God (Philippians 4:13). Was sitting with a sister in the Lord who told me to claim James 5:13-16.

It seems that where the stones were sitting a the base of the kidney, for some reason, it grew scar tissue. Dr Brown (and someone whose name I did not catch) tired to break through, but were unable--as is the norm with my husband, it was too tough. It will need to be removed by laser. The laser needs requested from off campus and the correct operating room reserved. He wants to do this Friday, but doesn't know if everything will work out.

I must say, Dr Brown is great.

Hope also to see his wound care Dr while he is here at Grant Hospital.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

It continues

Several calls to me about Dwight's procedure, even tho I have given them both his cell and room phone numbers.

I have asked, repeatedly, when they took a CAT scan or ultrasound that tells them there are 'fragments' or 'another stone' in the kidney. The answer is that two Dr's have conferred and 'think' there might be more. Also told again I should speak with the unavailable Dr.

AND, I am told, he is going back to Grant, not Riverside. And that they probably will be keeping him overnight. But they can't answer if they are taking the tube out yet.

But, yesterday, they put Dwight in his wheelchair and took him to the therapy room. He was quite happy about that. And quite shocked when he looked in the full length mirror and saw how much weight he has lost.

Then, I took his guitar, (in it's new case from Sam), in for him to see and he played for awhile. Really enjoyed that. Took a picture on my cellphone, but I don't have a patch cord for it so I can't share it with you, sorry.

If you would like to send him a card, his address is:
Room 112B
Mill Run Garden and Care Center
3399 Mill Run Hillard, OH 43026

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Is this a bad dream that I will wake from soon? Is there no end to all this?

Dwight has called his Urologist for four days in a row, some days twice a day, trying to get an answer as to when they are taking the tube out of the kidney. He really wants more therapy than exercise bands and sitting on the edge of the bed.

Yesterday someone from the office actually answered the phone. After some attempts to get Dwight to call back when the surgeon was in (he is booked solid with surgeries, not even near the office.) the voice on the phone informed Dwight that he was scheduled for another surgery on the 30th.


He was told there are fragments still in there. I called this morning, and after being on hold for a long time, I was told there is still a stone in there. Which is it, or both, or..I reminded them I was told they were all out, AND when did they do a CAT scan or ultrasound--he has not left the nursing home, and they don't do them there. No answer........just that the surgeon will call one of us back. But he is busy all day.

I am afraid I just don't understand what is going on. He started with this infection in January, is now the end of June!!!! Not sure which emotion is the strongest right now, I am not even going to list all I am feeling. Just want to get this done.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Hard Father's Day

Visited my husband last night after work, he held hard onto my arm, with near tears in his eyes. How he hates for me to leave. We are married, we shouldn't be apart night after night. He feels it so much harder. How many different hospitals and now a nursing home has he been in? How many different beds trying to find one that he is comfortable in? And how many different room mates, as they all left before him?

And now it is Father's Day. No dinner of his favorite foods spread across our table with grandkids laughing all around. No silly gifts and sentimental cards. Just another day waking up alone in a room away from home. Away from his wife, the love of his life. Away from his dog and cat. Away from his TV and his remote. Away from the Church Services he watches on the web and TV. Away...

No wonder he tears up and clings to my arm. How it hurts us both.

But the infection didn't win and soon he can start therapy. Soon he can begin to rebuilt the muscle strength he has lost and hopefully overcome other new challenges that have become part of his daily life. And maybe come home before summer is over.

Thank you to you who continue to pray and care.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Grass

The heat and humidity have worked their magic. The grass is growing splendidly, where it was planted. Since I let each of the grandchildren help broadcast the seed we have various thickness of new lawn growing. Bare to quite thick. But beautiful green. Need a couple days of dry to reapply, not sure when that opportunity will present itself.

We have a few corn plant up, but only a couple sunflowers. Don't know if the birds helped themselves or if the grandchildren didn't plant enough. It will be interesting to see what we get.

Growing and learning--grandkids are fun.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Grass

It has been almost two years since our pine tree uprooted in the front of the house. Last spring I purchased and Tim and Isaiah planted two maples to replace it. They have done quite well, producing wonderful color in the fall. They are still very thirsty, demanding lots of water.

But the large spot that was directly under the pine was never taken care of it. It was full of pine needles. Last year it produced a large crop of morning glories and weeds. This year we had the beginnings of a great crop of thistles from the bird seed. Definitely didn't look attractive, living in town, where everyone is fussy about their lawns.

Until Isaiah attacked it Monday. He was making progress--lots of weeds and lots of roots to break up. Then his cousins completed their chores and decided to help him instead of playing. Wow--with three boys working hard (and around a four year old girl!) they really made progress. By the time the boys needed to leave it was clear and ready for extra soil to fill in the low spots.

Tuesday Isaiah and Isaac showed up with soil, garden rake, gloves and determination. By lunch time the spot was filled, racked level and seeded with donated grass seed. Last night and this morning God provided a super soaking rain. One of the boys was sure they saw grass growing today!! We will be watching that spot with great anticipation.

Also Isaac and Aurora planted sunflowers from Uncle Sam along the fence (with a few corn seeds thrown in). And Jackson planted some ??? in the veggie raised garden. It promises to be an interesting summer in the 'growing things' at Mimi & Papa's house.

Sorry, to busy having fun (and getting sunburned) to remember take pictures.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Last Week

I promised a post update last week but two things happened--#1--the computer ate my almost finished post at 11:30 at night (better than a dog excuse)--at that hour
I just couldn't get my brain convinced to a redo.
#2--a lot of life got in the way.

To sum it up:

Tuesday Dwight had the first surgery to remove the large kidney stones from the right kidney. As it turns out there is still one in there, and so is the
drain tube, a week plus later.
Which is a real hassle as it is in the back and his always laying down. They won't (or can't) use the lift to get him into his wheelchair because of it. Haven't heard any plans as to what is next--
it was a holiday weekend.

Wednesday and Thursday just kinda happened--not much exciting.
It was our anniversary, but he wasn't up to going out for
dinner and dancing
so we just sat in his room and looked at each other.
Correction, I looked, he slept.
At home, Kristen painted Dwight's study.

Friday they moved everyone from his wing on the 8th floor to another wing
so construction could begin--(but did it? it was a holiday weekend)

Just before supper two men showed up at his door to take him to
Mill Run Gardens and Care Center.
No warning, and no call to me. Gr-r-r We really like Mill Run,
but why Friday evening on a holiday weekend?
Thus far they have just done the basics.
And worried about the tube. Kristen's kids and I crashed the
Henn House for supper,
altho' the kids think it was so they could play together.

Saturday I came home and found a neighbor had
mowed my front and one side lawn.
Looks good, thanks. All my flowers are looking great.

Monday, while I was at work, Kristen and her two moved in, for awhile.
Lots of stuff to be taken care of--Kristen to unpack and me to decide what to do with Dwight's stuff from when he Pastored.
He never touched while we lived
here, but didn't want to part with it....

If you were to ask why all this is happening to Dwight and our life,
I couldn't even come close to an answer.
I know God works all things for good for those who love Him,
but I haven't rounded the corner that shows me the good yet.
Just keep putting one foot in front of the other,
asking God for strength and to hold me up when I want to crash.
I have a very good family. My mom constantly reminds me she loves me
andwishes she could help, my sisters call and say the same.
My children do all they can to help, and then some.
Even my son in law Tim--he does so much to help out.
Our neighbor, Bob, is very helpful and concerned.
Even gave me a lecture yesterday,
and offered me a beer to help me relax...

And all my family and friends who are praying and caring,
even people I have never met. It is good.

Thanks for everything, everyone.

Monday, May 24, 2010

God Can Steer a Tree

It has been a long stay for Dwight. Day 55 away from home. And more to come. But I know God is in control, so does Dwight, but at times it is hard to keep our hands off and trust God. The unseen is so unseen.

Thursday, as the gap between 'now' and the surgery got smaller, Dwight's anxiousness and prayers increased. As in true Dwight style, he made sure God understood everything....

Finally, God asked, "Why can't you just trust me?"

Dw: "I do. but I am still anxious and I can't get past it."

God: "You have a good memory. Just remember what I taught you in the middle of the wind storm."

Dw: "You mean when the tree fell?"

God: "Yes, what did I teach you then?"

Dw: "You can steer a tree."

God: "When you gave me your deepest fears and anxieties of the house being crushed from the tree falling you released me to perform a miracle. Right in front of your eyes, and the eyes of your neighbors. Now, just remember that if you surrender these anxious fears to me I will be with you no matter what. I AM your GOD and you are my child. Surrender--I have everything under control."

And Dwight calmed down, and had a time of prayer and praise.

When it was time for the surgery it didn't happen because of problems with surgeries before him. I truly it was God in Control because the Dr personally came to see Dwight and they decided to do a different type of surgery that should be more successful.

God is good...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Surprised by God?!?

It was a long day yesterday. But just as I was leaving last night, they gave Dwight most of his meds and something to drink. He must have fallen to sleep quickly, because he didn't call to say good night.

Today he had more Doctors visit than he could count.

Good new they are going to take the first of the kidney stones out Friday.

Bad news, they are monitoring his heart rate and it is dipping very low, both awake and asleep. They mentioned a pace maker, but the one Dr wants to wait and see how things look after the infection is finally gone. It does seem that this infection, that has been attacking him for so long, has caused alot of muscle damage.

GOD Surprise: needless to say this alot to process. We are very happy to finally be scheduled for stone removal, but the rest of the news left Dwight somewhat depressed. I spent alot of time in prayer while at work (Pray without ceasing...) And God answered my prayer. but I was surprised; and surprised that I was surprised.

I did ask. He did answer. That is what He does. Why didn't I expect Him to answer?

Love how God did it. First Sam called and they had a great conversation, and Dwight felt some better. Then the Tech came in and Dwight asked for his Bible, as she handed it to him she asked if our family was one of prayer--YES. She responded,"Now you have one more." Pointing to herself as she left the room with a tear in her eye.

What wonderful confirmation that God is in control. Thank you Sam and Danielle, for letting God use you.

God is good...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


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The Saga Continues

Dwight has been told often that he was being released from Dodd Hall on the 18th. but never with an answer as to where he was going. Altho his strength is returning, he isn't able to transfer, so I am unable to care for him at home. OSU Drs said they had no directive to return him to Grant.

And the frustration continues.

Over the weekend they were evaluating him...to see what he has learned??? but still no answers.

Last night (Monday, the 17th) his nausea got worse, he got chills, and he was told his calcium level was very, very high and they were transferring him to the main hospital. Had they conferred with his Drs from Grant? NO!! Had they called his primary Dr? NO!!

But did Susie? YES!! I called his primary Dr--got her out of a conference in Kansas City (did not know, sorry). She said NO, call other Drs and get him back at Grant. He is being moved there sometime today--not sure when, but he has to go through the ER to be readmitted. That doesn't make sense, but hopefully they will get the calcium under control and remove the kidney stones so we can get real serious about him regaining his strength and coming home.

He is unable to get an electric wheelchair right now,but we will work on it.

And, hopefully he will have glasses soon, someone is working on that for him. PTL

I realize we still have a long bumpy road ahead but...

Again, thanks to all of you who care and are praying.

God is in control, even when we feel out of control. God is good...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Dwight is getting daily therapy, and making slow progress, but there is progress. His body has been so beat up by the infections that he is really drained. Until the stones are removed the infection will continue--and the stones can't be removed until he is strong enough. Reminds me of the whirlpool we saw above the falls at Niagara. Around,around, and around--where is the end?

It seems there is a steady stream of Drs, different ones every day, all with different ideas and tests and meds. Now they have discovered another problem, a problem we have decided it's not something to worry about right now. And they have added another IV. And no one says where he is going, but the date to leave is still set at next Tuesday.

If you have room for another prayer request, please add our son Sam. He is dealing with a very nasty 'viral' something...please jump over to his blog and let him tell you himself.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Shower

Yesterday, at lunch time, when I visited Dwight he was in an electric wheelchair. He drove himself to therapy, slowly. They are going to see about getting him a chair that fits him, and hopefully our small house with small doorways. Dwight had a great therapy secession in the afternoon, doing all they asked and more. When he got back to the room they helped into a special shower chair and he finally able to shower. And wash his hair, he is blonde again. Was nice to play with his hair when I stopped in after work.

BUT, today they decided they needed more x-rays and another cat scan. And another change in his medications, resulting in him missing both morning and afternoon therapy. How frustrating. I know he is stronger, but I really had hoped for more progress, not more tests and med changes.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Altho still dealing with some medication challenges and the side effects from the changes, Dwight had a victory yesterday. With the aid of a lift he was able to finally get out of bed and into his wheelchair. Most of the month he has been in bed and has been rolled onto his side by the nurses at OSU and at Grant by a wonderful advanced bed. (The bed has multiple air chambers that can fill at different levels. He was automatically rolled from back to side with a push of a button!!) He as been able to sit on the side of his bed the last week with the help of his nurse.


Yesterday, He was able to be in his chair several hours. He was wheeled to Physical Therapy and back, and then sat in his room enjoying the view from his window. We hope to be able to replace his glasses within the next month so he can really see.

I am hoping for another good report today.

Monday, April 26, 2010

A Week Later...

...but any real change?

Dwight continues to fight infections: blood infection; staph infection at the port site; abnormal bacteria in the urine; UTI and on and on.

An attempt to 'drill' in thru his back into the kidney to remove the 1.3 mm kidney stones. Laying on his side, his body spasmed and they couldn't drill safely.

Now they want to remove the stones another way, after he regains his strength through rehab. But he wasn't moved today as we were told he would be. Nurses are confused, Doctors are confused and frustrated and we are...............waiting.

In the meantime the lawn is growing nice and lush. The violets and lily of the valley are blooming together, the lilacs are so full, beautiful and fragant. AND our maples that were planted last spring look great! Part of spring is wonderful.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spinning Wheels

When I was a child, living on the farm we did a lot of 'green' things. But we didn't know we were 'green', it was just living. Cow manure on the fields and garden to fertilize. Composting. Burning our trash--not sure that was 'green', but everyone in the country did it. AND, we collected cans from soup, veggies, tuna fish,etc. and coffee (if Dad didn't need them for nuts & bolts, nails, etc that he was saving for another project). All steel cans were collected in 55 gallon steel drums and then loaded into a wagon on the back of the tractor. My brothers and sisters climbed in the wagon, but I, the oldest, got to sit on the tire fender of the tractor and ride with Dad.

Off we went to our private dump in the woods. In a normal spring it rains, alot. There was a small dip we went through, part of a drainage ditch. Without fail we would get hung up there, thankfully it ususally happened coming back up to the house. And we would spin those big old tractor tires, flinging mud everywhere. We'd laugh and duck, of course I couldn't let go so I think I wore the most. Those in the wagon, even with hiding on the bed, got plenty on them. I do believe Dad survived with almost none.

What fun. but the situation with Dwight isn't fun. Although he is better, much better than two weeks ago, it seems we have landed in a dip, full of mud. He has improved, very, very slowly. And now it seems another infection has set in. This mud isn't fun. I just want him better. I just want the infection(s) gone, the surgery to remove the kidney stones done, him healed and home. So does the dog and his cat.

I know God has allowed this and He can use it for good, but I am just not seeing it right now. But without God's strength I shutter to think where we would be:

Psalms 46:1
God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

So hard

Sam drove in yesterday afternoon to spend some time with his Dad. How hard it is for the children to see their once strong, very talkative, loud laughing Dad lying in a hospital weak and mostly silent.

Dwight and Sam had a very good visit. Sam shared some stories with his Dad, bringing some smiles and soft laughter. When Dwight dozed off, usually for only a minute or two, Sam patiently waited for him to open his eyes, and continue their conversation.

When it was time for Sam to leave he wanted to pray with his Dad. Usually Dwight prays with the kids and grandkids when they leave.

Sam's heart was exposed--his prayer, asking God for his father's healing was mixed with strong emotion.

I am so thankful the girls have been there all they have, even leaving work to be with him when I couldn't. Son-in-law Tim was viviting with when his desire to talk returned... And Sam leaving what he was involved in to cheer up and pray with his Dad.

No Supper

Supper hour had come and gone and the little I ate off Dwight's supper tray (honest, he didn't want it!) wore off. I was quite hungry. Sam was leaving, so Aurora and I decided to walk down with him as far as the cafeteria. But it was closed. So we walked Sam out to the parking garage, and then around the corner to the Subway. It was closed, my tummy wasn't happy. Aurora and I discussed it, after all it was only 7:30.

Me: I guess Mimi doesn't get supper now, didn't know everything closed early.

Aurora: You can have my french fries, I didn't touch them. They are a vegetable inside--the yellow part.

Me: Why thank you, I was hoping for a little more.

Aurora: Well, you can eat when you get home.

Me: Yes I can, I think I will have a piece of cheddar cheese.(Favorite of both of us)

Aurora: I am going home with you.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hospital Time, Again

We seemed to be making progress in Dwight's health after his hospital say in February. Too slow to suit me, but there seemed to be some progress. But I was wrong--the kidney stones are still plaguing him, major plaguing. Sunday I was busy fixing a nice dinner for him and the rest of the family that was coming to join us, and didn't notice--but Kristen did. And it was down hill from there.

I suggested a hospital visit Sunday evening but he refused, but after a very rough night he decided Monday morning that it was time. By then he was so weak that it took alot of extra help to get him moved.

He has slept almost constantly since we arrived at the ER. When he is awake it is very difficult to have a conversation with him. He has seen a couple dozen Doctors, all have decided that everything is the result of the infection from the 8 kidney stones that have rediscovered. (The first cat scan Feb 13 found them, the next 3 didn't show them--now they are there again) At least 2 of them are 1 centimeter. And moving.

He was to have stunts put in again today, but he is confused and didn't understand and refused. I was at work and couldn't help him. When I was able to help him understand to need for them it was too late for today so it is scheduled for 10 AM.

After eating supper with him (he actually ate a little), we kissed, he fell asleep and I went home. Just as I settled into my laz-boy with a late night snack, he called and asked me to come back. He had an angel visit his room and tell him it was okay. His take on it and mine are not the same.

I am with him and he is resting better. He is now in a private room and I have a faux sleep chair and will try to sleep. Hospital noise, no feather pillow, no cat purring by my ear--but I will try.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Extreme Spring Cleaning

Altho a advocate for Spring Cleaning, I do believe there are limits---which I pushed this week.

Dwight is battling some unknown internal problem that causes him to have extreme sweating in the middle of the night, resulting in very soaked bedding. And an usual amount of laundry. One night it was so much that his pillow was like a damp sponge.

Now mind you I have washed his favorite, I will only sleep it pillow many times before. But this time was different, very different. At the command of the buzzer I went to the basement to move the now clean bedding to the dryer. but I found the washer to be full of foam, very large chunks, very wet chunks of foam. Gr-r-r-r..............

I pulled out the offending object--(I refuse to acknowledge it by its proper name any longer). It was still about half full. And everything else was wearing remnants of the stuffing. EVERYTHING.

All were shook off as best as possible and placed in the dryer. And the washer was still 1/3 full of foam.

After giving it a couple of days to dry I attacked it with the shop vac, much to the amazement of my four year granddaughter. She didn't know I had a down stairs vac. She loved watching it so much that she, (the child afraid of vacs) asked to help. Soon she was vacuuming the floor--lose foam, cat food, whatever wasn't nailed down. She was also delighted when we removed the lid and found the vac overfull and returning the excess to the floor--more to sweep.

She was delighted------I wasn't. Especially when she left before the cleaning was done with Kiki, Uncle Tim and the cousins for COSI.

Question---how many of you have vacuumed your washing machine tub?

Thursday, March 25, 2010


This evening Aurora and I were snuggling when she looked at me and said, "I am vanilla."

Me, "What?" (She had asked for ice cream earlier, so I thought she was trying to convince again -- even tho' the dog finished her supper.)

Aurora, "I am vanilla."

Ok, I think I see where this little mind is going so I ask "And what about Isaac?"

"He is chocolate."

Fine with me, I love both.............."And Esther Faith?"

"She is vanilla, like me."

Love the thinking of kids.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Surprising News

Dwight visited the Doctor who was going to remove his kidney stones.
But he isn't going to...
there are no kidney stones, and they
have known it since the second day he was in
the hospital.
but why wasn't he (or anyone) told you ask---
His question also, to which he received a simple reply,
"This is the first time we have sat down face to face."
Must admit neither Dwight or I (or our children and grandchildren)
liked that, sure would have prevented a lot of worry and concern.
Guess it isn't important enough to call Dwight, tell the nursing home Doctor,
or anyone else.
Dwight is scheduled next week to have the stints removed. In the mean time
he is again running a low grade fever and all the 'fun' side affects from it.
Called three different Drs about it Monday--no answer, answer machine, no help.
I know scripture tells us and I believe it, that all things work together for our good.
Just having a little trouble seeing the good right now.
Time for some extra prayer and trust.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Granddaughters say....

If you love kid sayings you need to check out both of my daughters blogs for the latest from my two beautiful princess granddaughters.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Dwight came home to our little Cape Cod on the 8th, after waiting all day he was finally picked up and home by 5:30PM. With new meds and definitely still fighting the infection. And the infection fighting him. And the side effects of the meds fighting him.

Last week was over run with visits from various experts, nurses, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy. All evaluating our home, his abilities and his care. He does not need OT or PT. There is nothing else we can do to make our home any better short of adding on. He doesn't need any one to fix his lunch. Really doesn't need the nurse, I had to tell her how to bandage his sores....but she has to come to measure them once a week. What can I say?

By this Monday I could tell that the mind fog, among other things were finally leaving him. I had Tuesday and Wednesday off and we had a great time together. He actually asked for some 'normal' food, not just Ginger Ale, crackers and jello. So I made him chicken, stuffing, and lots of other good real cooking. Nice to have the time and him want to eat.

Tuesday we watched the movie I got him for Valentine's Day (but wasn't able to give him till last week)-----just felt good to be back to our normal.

The sunshine and warmer weather are encouraging to him.

He sees another Dr next week about the removal of the kidney stones.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tale of Two Coffee Pots

As our adventure with Dwight's latest health challenge was becoming into full steam my old faithful peculator (at least 25 yrs old) decided to add to our frustration level. It would just randomly shut it's self off, problem is, it doesn't have a shut off. It is either plugged in or it isn't.

I made mention of this frustration in one of my posts in January. Thought no more of it. Was just a passing complaint. Or so I thought.

Two days later I came home from work about 5:30, opened the front door to get the mail and caused both a UPS driver and myself to jump a few inches off the ground. He only on the first step and I wasn't expecting anyone to be on my porch.

We both weakly, and with slight embarrassment, smiled at each other. He handed me a box with 'have a good day.' A box, I couldn't remember ordering anything and it wasn't time for any of Dwight's medical supplies----Return address label was from Amazon, I knew I hadn't ordered from them. Supper could wait, I had to see what was in the box----------------a new peculator--------------and no card. But I had a good idea who was responsible, after all I do know the Amazon Queen.

It makes a very good cup of coffee (or eight), and of course is used everyday. Haven't had a chance to serve the Amazon Queen a cup yet, both of our life's have been on crazy paths lately....

Maybe this weekend. Thank you, dear daughter.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Home: Good News

Dwight finally made it home Monday evening about 5 PM. Would have been sooner but they sent the wrong vehicle to pick him up, and tried to tell him he had to go home in it. But about six employees gathered and said no. Which Dwight was also saying. Someone got the Social Worker there and she informed them that she ordered a wheelchair van and they would provide a wheelchair van--ASAP. Done--home.

Dwight was very happy to get back home, I let the dog out to greet him, two very happy 'people'. For most of the night she won't get more that 4 feet away from him, occasionally just walking up to him and staring at him. I knew she missed him, didn't realize it was so intense.

Isaac called him later in the evening and expressed his joy in Papa being where he belongs, not sure he understands that Papa still isn't well and has a surgery coming, but at least he is in his house so he can come hang out with him. Dwight has such a wonderful relationship with all his grandchildren.

I saw a follow up Doctor in the afternoon. He was not a good listener. He told me again what my results from the hospital and the stress test--everything that the Doctor last week told me. Then asked questions, all leading to what he had already decided. He didn't seem to want to understand the whole picture. His diagnosis is: depression and panic attacks. Hm-m-m-m. I do believe anxiety/worry/lack of sleep are probably my biggest problems. He also doesn't think vitamins and/or minerals are of any help.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Unhappy Doctor

Dwight visited his kidney Doctor this morning. Fairly good visit until he asked her about the phone call I made about a month ago concerning the problems and symptoms I was seeing. She had no record of getting the message. She went through her records four times. Absolutely NO record of my calling the office. It seems someone has been listening to phone messages and answering them without giving them to a Dr. Not a good practice, I am sure when they are found out they won't like the review they receive....

Just wonder if he had started treatment then if we could have avoided most of the last 2 weeks.

The Dr told Dwight he needs to see another Dr for the removal of the kidney stones---that appointment is next week.

Good note...Physical Therapy says Dwight is more than ready to come home. But wound care wants him to stay a couple days longer, they have his wounds healing--hope they tell me what they are doing so I can continue it at home. We may be able to get home health care for a couple weeks. That would be great after he has the stones removed.

Asking God to provide the best for Dwight.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Quick Update

Dwight has settled in, somewhat, at the nursing home. He is feeling better, but misses his own bed. They have him in physical therapy and tell me that when they think he is strong enough he will be coming home. I am thinking that clearing up the infection is also a priority....

We are so grateful for all the people who are praying for us at this time. God is answering those prayers. The cards and well wishes are much appreciated also.

I am back to work, but do seem to tire easily. I didn't sleep much in the hospital and I believe some of the meds I received there are still affecting me.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Singing in Heaven

One of Dwight's favorite Aunt's and the last of his parents generation is being laid to rest today. Aunt Ginna had a warm, loving heart. She was gentle and sweet. She gladly accepted Dwight's wife and children into her circle of love.

Aunt Ginna had an singing voice beyond compare and now is surely singing in the heavenly choir.

I will sing of the Lord's great love forever;
with my mouth I will make your faithfulness
known through all generations.
Psalm 89:1
We miss her.
We love you cousin Karen and Larry.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Where Does My Help From?

I lift my eyes to the hills-
where does my help come from?
My help comes from the Lord,
the Maker of Heaven and earth.
Psalms 121:1,2
In the day of my trouble I call to you,
for you will answer me.
Psalms 86:7
Yesterday was perhaps the hardest day of my life.
The hospital was releasing Dwight, but he clearly wasn't ready to come home.
Nor was I ready to take care of him, altho my heart strongly disagreed.
I am his wife--I care for him. Period
Dwight was given a list of nursing homes offering respite care. A long list.
I did some online comparing on the medicare web site.
Dwight did alot of praying.
To accept that he needed to go to a home,
and to find the right one for him.
He was to be transferred at 5 PM.
When I was asked to leave his room so they could prepare him for travel
I felt myself losing it.
I wanted to cry. (eventually I did)
I wanted to anyone and everyone to pray, but God forbade me.
He reminded me to rest in Him. He is in control,
"yes, but can't someone else be praying too?"
God reminded me again He had it under control, just relax in His wisdom.
At that difficult acceptance my cell phone let me know
I had just received a text.
It was from a wonderful Christian sister who was praying--
at that minute.
Thank you Sharon for your obedience.
As we were leaving into rush hour traffic onto
some of the most congested roads
I felt the ok from God to call my Mom.
A short talk offered the reassurance that this was the best,
and then the tears as I confessed my feeling of failure
to care for my husband,
after all it is my job.
Arriving almost an hour after we left, we were given
an unbelievable warm welcome.
Had to check to see if Dwight was listed as
royalty somewhere on his paperwork.
I just don't have the time right now to tell you every
good thing that happen within the
first 30 minutes of being there.
One wonderful praise is that they promised, and had
delivered a larger bed for him--by bedtime.
I left shortly after eating part of his supper for him.
Someone brought him 3 more bowls of jello when they discovered
he liked it and would eat it after not eating for several days.
At home, I again had to deal with my emotions,
but realized the quiet house, comfy chair,
Bible and lala medicine would be good for me.
The lala medicine is to strong, when I take again I will
cut it in half or even quarters. I was
asleep by 7:30, woke to go to bed and got up at 6:30.
Then took an hour nap.