Friday, October 31, 2008

Good News

Dwight visited the lab on Wednesday to donate more of his blood for science to explore. (Not sure how much more he has left, he donated 20 vials in 3 1/2 days in the hospital--I don't think the fluids they were pumping into him where as much to flush his system as it was to replace blood!)

The results of the blood work was sent to another Dr as Dwight's DR is on vacation. The numbers are looking very good--they are going down faster than they did in the hospital.(They are still above normal) AND that is without the one drug that Dwight is not taking twice a day as prescribed. And he forgets to drink extra water in the afternoon. Praise God.

He is still battling depressed feelings from all this, especially being in the house alone while I am at work. He misses seeing his children and grandchildren and all the friends and interaction he has had in the past. But, he continues to lean on God. And he prays often and much for his family, friends and prayer requests that come his way.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I turned the corner into Tim & Karin's development just as Isaiah was heading for home. Isaiah was having a great time, laughing and joking with a group of classmates. I quickly pulled over, a smiling Isaiah looked up and climbed into my van. I turned into the first street, turning away from the 'Hennhouse'. I then headed away from development. Repeatedly Isaiah asked where his MOM was and where were we going. There was a moment or two of nervousness, till Karin called. He giggled when I told her I had kidnapped her son and was demanding a ransom. Once he talked to her he was ok, especially when I pulled into his favorite restaurant--Steak 'n Shake.

I'm not sure he stopped talking--he reminded me of my Grandmother, she often was the last one done eating cuz she enjoyed talking to her family.

The greatest part of the kidnapping was when Isaiah walked me out to my van and told
me 'I love you.' Smiling, he returned to the warm, cozy Henn Home.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Hindsight is always clearer

We should have just said no, no he isn't going...

Dwight has been home four days. All the stay did
was lower his calcium from 7.0 to 6.3. He should
be at 2.0. But his is in more pain, more tired, and
now as shingles (the Dr on the phone thinks).
Probably from the stress. He called the Dr's practice
today to try to get in and see a different Dr today, (his
is on vacation this week.)all he got was a recording.

He also needs to give more blood--a long trip down the
hall, up an elevator and another long hall. And reschedule
pain management that he missed last week. And wound
care. And he is always cold.

I could go on and on, but that is depressing. We have
enough of that already. Dwight is having a very hard
time facing all of this, especially the pain. He doesn't
like me going to work, he gets lonely, but I must.

And now the grandkids can't visit for 3-4 weeks cuz of the

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Coming Home

Dwight called. They have released him to come home.
COTA Mainstream is picking him up at 2:30.

they have been successful in reducing his calcium levels, and
therefore the creatainine (sp?) levels are still up.
No, they don't know why.
They have tested for everything: cancer; lung disease;
and everything in between.
To back up--Tuesday they moved him to a newer building.
Supposedly with a
handicap bathroom. Don't think they understand
what a truly handicap person
needs in a bathroom. Like handicap bars that are
near the toilet. A toilet that
can be accessed from a wheelchair.
But they did get Dwight a terrific bed. They had to rent it,
it is unbelievable.
So is the cost--$10,000. Yes, $10,000.
Guess I won't be buying one.
But he is coming home.
I will let you know what is next....
to all you wonderful family and friends who have sent
prayers and good wishes to and for us. Dwight and I
and our family
all greatly appreciated it.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Who will make the coffee?

One of my favorite speakers/authors, Margaret Jensen wrote, "Who will wind the clock?" Borrowing from her, I sit in my very silent house, the only sounds being the dripping shower head and the quartz clock on the living room wall.

No sounds from the kitchen of my husband preforming his nightly rituals., First of all, making a pot of coffee for the morning. No mind you, my husband doesn't drink coffee. Not at all. Not even one little sip. But every night he prepares the pot for the morning brew, carefully getting every thing right for me. All I do is plug in the pot, first thing--even before the poor dancing dog gets let out.

Who will make the coffee as my husband lies in a too small, uncomfortable hospital bed?

When I left at midnight they were still getting him prepared for tomorrow. They didn't put the IV in until 11:15PM. We got there at 4:00--long story--mostly, hurry, get here, but we(the hospital) aren't ready.

Guess I'll go make the coffee in my too quiet house.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Latest blood work done today. It was an interesting time just getting there. Dwight uses COTA Mainstream, special transportation for the handicap. He has 'door to door', which means the driver is supposed to push him from our door to the bus, and from the bus to the door of his destination. Our ramp goes out the back door so the bus uses the alley to pick Dwight up. Today the electric company was working on lines on one end of the alley and the phone company was on the other--the bus couldn't get in. So it parked out front of the neighbors and pushed Dwight thru our pea gravel (no small task), down the alley to the neighbors drive, down the drive and to the front street. That is one great driver.

Both Drs called Dwight before I got home about the results. The kidney Dr wasn't too happy that Dwight won't just pack up and check into the hospital, she doesn't seem to understand how Cota mainstream works as far as scheduling going. Dwight told he won't go till Monday, I don't think she is used to someone telling her no. Dwight talked with is regular Dr and she said Monday if fine. But it does need to be done. A super flush, alot of fluids in and out to try and get the calcium out of his system.

But we don't know when a bed will be avaiable so it will still have to be a same day service call, Monday is the busiest for that. But we will just wait and see and trust God to work it all out.

More later...............

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


It isn't Indain Summer, it hasn't frosted.
It's not Fall, it is in the high 70s and low 80s.
The tomatoes are blooming and setting fruit,
the mums are reblooming,
the mint is going to seed and looking puzzled.
The grass still needs mowed.
And it is October 15th,
the windows are open
and the furnace isn't running.

Ok, just what is going on?????

Dwight went for his quarterly blood work on Friday morning. It also included some tests as follow up to his kidney biopsy. At supper time his regular Dr called and inquired as to how he was feeling, really stressing that question with the suggestion that if he was feeling really bad maybe he should be in the hospital. Just how did Dwight feel? Other than the constant pain, fine. Just Fine, thank-you. Why? Oh, your numbers are bad again.

Hm-m-m-m.... And we want to retest you on Monday. Of course that didn't happen, you can't schedule a ride Friday night for Monday morning. And he said so. But Monday afternoon the Dr called--why wasn't there any blood work done. Hm-m-m-m...

Off Tuesday morning for repeat blood work.
And now it will be repeated again this Friday.

The numbers are still the same--high. And the kidney Dr say he should be sick. No appetite (not a problem, Dwight is eating normal -- unlike earlier this summer.) and he should be experiencing a whole list of other problems. The Dr doesn't understand why Dwight is feeling ok. Let me tell you, if he felt like the Dr described she won't know he was sick because he wouldn't have gone in for his blood work. Don't you love how things work?

So now he is flushing his system with excessive liquids and another new RX.
If that doesn't work, then a hospital stay for intense flushing.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Frustration Part III

Another Dr visit, with a Dr Dwight hasn't seen in three years. A review of all the reports of the last three months, results, etc. A comment, (not exact words), I don't think I would have rushed into the kidney biopsy. And alot of your challenges are from the (unnecessary) meds. AND, I don't wonder that you are feeling down, being stuck in the house--alone-- with this would make anyone depressed. The Dr told Dwight that he believes he did the right thing taking himself off the meds that didn't seem to be helping, but rather causing more problems.

I wonder at my husband. I don't know how he keeps going. Don't know how he doesn't totally crack. (Yes, he is a little cracked, always has been, that's him). He doesn't sleep more that a total of two hours at a time, sometimes only an hour. Often it is dozing in the wheelchair, how he doesn't fall out, I don't know. Rarely does he get good, refreshing sleep. When a four hour sleep happens it is time for rejoicing. I know I couldn't handle it. I have proof. Two weeks ago he had a REAL bad night and had me awake every hour, or hour and a half. (Now mind you I don't wake easy after I am asleep--think I was sleep walking part of the time.) Anyhow, the next day wasn't easy for me and those around me. And Dwight does it every day. Any one have a spare crown I can have?

Rather than frustration, we should be thankful for his ability to function close to normal.

Thanks for listening.