Sunday, April 11, 2010

No Supper

Supper hour had come and gone and the little I ate off Dwight's supper tray (honest, he didn't want it!) wore off. I was quite hungry. Sam was leaving, so Aurora and I decided to walk down with him as far as the cafeteria. But it was closed. So we walked Sam out to the parking garage, and then around the corner to the Subway. It was closed, my tummy wasn't happy. Aurora and I discussed it, after all it was only 7:30.

Me: I guess Mimi doesn't get supper now, didn't know everything closed early.

Aurora: You can have my french fries, I didn't touch them. They are a vegetable inside--the yellow part.

Me: Why thank you, I was hoping for a little more.

Aurora: Well, you can eat when you get home.

Me: Yes I can, I think I will have a piece of cheddar cheese.(Favorite of both of us)

Aurora: I am going home with you.

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