Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Shower

Yesterday, at lunch time, when I visited Dwight he was in an electric wheelchair. He drove himself to therapy, slowly. They are going to see about getting him a chair that fits him, and hopefully our small house with small doorways. Dwight had a great therapy secession in the afternoon, doing all they asked and more. When he got back to the room they helped into a special shower chair and he finally able to shower. And wash his hair, he is blonde again. Was nice to play with his hair when I stopped in after work.

BUT, today they decided they needed more x-rays and another cat scan. And another change in his medications, resulting in him missing both morning and afternoon therapy. How frustrating. I know he is stronger, but I really had hoped for more progress, not more tests and med changes.


Kristen said...

A shower is HUGE!

Awesome!! Love You BOTH!!!

Dawn said...

It does my soul good to see your faith and trust in the midst of such difficult circumstances. I am sure there must be times when you find it difficult to trust our heavenly Father but you obviously do not allow those times to overwhelm you and you clearly nestle deeply in the loving arms which support and comfort.
God bless you and your family and I pray that He will give the healing you need in His own good time and in the meantime that He will continue to supply the grace you need to bear the thorn He has allowed.
Dawn Knight

Eugene McCoy said...

I don't know you but it appears we have the same heavenly father, therefore we are family,,I will talk to our father but about your situation

with the knowledge He loves us..