Friday, August 27, 2010

Beam me up, Scottie

Yesterday I made a quilting supply run to Harbour Freight. Really can't give the salespeople,(no change that to clerks), working any high marks for service. They were neither friendly nor willing to be helpful. They were supposed to be holding three packages of carpet cutting blades for my friend Buff. They were not, nor did they have any idea where I might find them. Finally one reluctantly helped me. Informing her that I wanted the three for my friend and the other two for me, she gave a cold look, stated that there are two blades in each pack and put two back on the wall. Really, was she deciding for me how many I wanted to buy? Or just avoiding reordering? Of course you know whose line I chose to get in when I purchased all five packages....

After work I stopped to visit my sweet husband and found a cute PT Cruiser in the Mill Run parking lot. Buff decided that she wanted to get her Harbour Freight merchandise from an frequent shopper of Harbour Freight, so she and her little dog joined me in visiting Dwight. Had a great visit, and her little dog was no small part of it. He joined Dwight on the bed and settled in for some loving from the dog lover himself. Dwight and Buff enjoyed each other also, not to leave her out. And she did get her blades.

Oh, the dog--Scottie, white welsh terrier. Little dog, big lover, loud barker.

Wish I had taken a picture--just need Tim around more.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Trips--too many

I have held off posting hoping to give a different update than the one I am giving. (Alright, I have been busy with busyness also).

Dwight has been going to dialysis three times a week. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, leaving at 11:00 AM and returning just in time for supper. Long, boring days. I wanted to try and get him an Ipad. He refused, but Kristen and I entered a couple of drawings for one anyhow. Dwight says they have nice flat screen TVs at each station.

The last labs returned with his creatinene(misspelled) level very down, much nearer to normal than it has been for a couple of years. His BUN level was very, very much improved. His kidney output has increased greatly. So 24 hour test of his urine was taken.

Dialysis will continue. His kidneys, although there is great output, the actual function is only at 3%. Needless to say he was very disappointed with this news.

We are still praying for his kidneys to remember their job. A new test will be taken in a few weeks.

He still hasn't started physical therapy. The incision is not healed. Soon....

Dwight is very grateful for his visits from Pastor Tim Swanson. They have been a wonderful blessing and encouragement. Pastor Tim served Dwight communion last week and Dwight felt a deep touch from the LORD.

This week Dwight began to disciple a young lady in her desire to share the LORD. God can use us anywhere, even if we don't pick the location.

God is good....All the time.

Speed Read

If you speed read, you MUST go back and slow read if it important info...

In June I received an email about a Birthday party my graduating class is holding for everyone from our class. (Most are hitting a very BIG number this year)

I 'speed read' it; noted the date. Talked it over with my hubby, worried about all his issues. Requested,and got off the two days necessary to make the trip up and back. Gave myself a talk about not speed driving--least not the whole trip. But you do have to 'go with the flow.'

Then, as the day grew closer, and I realized Dwight is pretty stable, I dug back through the emails, found and printed it. And 'slow read' it...and found the line I missed. "Send check of $$ to July 31 for the buffet" Which, off course, I didn't do. That last week of July was surgery week. Week of 'is it going to work this time?' doesn't pay to speed read, you don't get to eat with your high school friends if you do.


Post on Dwight later this morning.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back to Mill Run

Dwight had dialysis three times last week at Grant Hospital. He says it is very boring. One of the kidney Doctors told him that we would know in about 2 weeks if it has jump started his kidneys. We all are praying this is the case. Dwight does seem more tired from this, altho we were told that was possible. He has been nauseated allot, but no can give us an exact cause. I hope it goes away soon so that he can start eating a better diet. And not sure losing any more weight would be good for him either. It is at least 130 pounds.

Yesterday at supper time they moved him back to Mill Run. He missed supper, but didn't mind, but also missed some meds due to the transfer.

He is in room 111A. Cell 614-214-5288. Double checking on his room #. He will be leaving for dialysis Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Once his incision is healed we believe he will be in Physical and Occupational Therapy. Because the MRSA is localized in the bed sore, I hope it doesn't hold him back.

Last Saturday we read scripture, he sang several praise choruses and we had a good time of prayer.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Decision made...

Dwight was able to eat an apple yesterday afternoon and a full, but boring, supper yesterday. He was in good spirits when I visited in the evening.

We both are aware of the many prayers being brought to the throne on his behalf. We know they are being answered. We are grateful and realize we don't even know alot the people praying. God is good and His people are obedient. We do pray for God to bless these brothers and sisters in the Lord. It would be fun to know what states people are from, also their names.

This morning the Doctor came in confused. Dwight is better, but his numbers are worse. He just doesn't understand it. So a decision has been made. A port will be put in today, if done by 2:00 PM he will have his first dialysis today. The Doctor did admit that it is possible for the kidneys to get back on track!!!! They are also looking a dialysis center closer to his nursing home.

Guess he won't make it to the wood shop this summer.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Will he or won't he?

Dwight's kidney function has been decreasing everyday for the last week. Dangerously decreasing so that he is unable to eat and is nauseous. We were told that if the levels went down again last night he would start kidney dialysis today.

As is the norm in the medical field you get told different things from different people. One told us that one or two treatments may jump start the kidneys. Another said, no, once you start you are on it for life. Who is right?

Dwight's results from last night are that he is leveling off. So they are not starting today, but are waiting another day to see how the next results are. But his kidneys are only operating at 10%, so I don't understand why they aren't doing anything.

Dwight was also told that he may be returning to Mill Run in a day or two. There they will be testing his blood every two or three days. Not sure I am comfortable with any of this.

Pastor Tim visited him yesterday and they had a great discussion. That is so good on many levels. I played him the Jeremy Camp song last night and he was very blessed.

We are hoping the MRSA continues to improve so that others are comfortable with visiting him. I am thankful it is not a very dangerous strain of MRSA.

I received a love gift from a dear friend yesterday that is another reminder that in all of this God is walking with us, and is in control.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Is There No End?

Dwight's surgery was a success. He was tired and slept alot, but everything appeared to be going just fine. Even with the blood transfusion to build up his red blood count. We were just waiting for the drain tube in the incision to be removed and for clearance from all Doctors -- then back to the nursing room to start rehab.


Saturday night Dwight was told he has MRSA in his bed sore. There goes Sunday visits and snuggles with the grandchildren.

Saturday night and Sunday night the night nurse decides not to wake Dwight up for his midnight pain meds. Meds he HAS TO HAVE to handle the 24/7 pain. It is a written order, every night at midnight. Every night, wake him up--give him his meds. Always, till this nurse decides not to...needless to say Dwight has suffered. This morning he let them know his thoughts on that. I am sure it won't happen again.

They haven't been giving him his colace(seems they thought they had a better plan, one that has already been tried and failed)--till Dr Sams steps in and insist on it, but now he is five days behind and suffering for it.

This morning he is told he has to have a kidney x-ray, it seems his kidney function is decreasing. It was ok before. If it doesn't improve in 48 hours....

Test results: kidneys just are not returning to full function after this last invasion. And they have a yeast infection. Is there no end?

It is remarkable how he handles all this. Only with the grace and strength of God.

We are still looking up. God is in control, even if we totally do not understand.