Sunday, November 21, 2010

Play Date Cancelled

I have put off all summer and fall scheduling a date for family and friends to come and help me remove and replace parts of the ramp that have gotten bad. Partly I forgot because of the lack of rain we have had. Whenever it rains the wood swells and the de-lamination is more obvious.

But I put it off too long it seems. First we have Kristen spraining her ankle and calf, and now Tim has decided to get a set of crutches with the multiple breaks in his foot. I had hoped they would be my main labor, but.... (I had hoped Karin would be the chief kid entertainer and food preparer.)

If we had done it in warmer weather I would have equipped the grandchidren with paintbrushes and paint, what fun we have missed. And I am sure plenty of photos.

Spring is coming. We will just have to be extra careful shoveling snow this winter on the bad parts.

"Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today...."

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cat Whisperer

Yesterday Dwight had a procedure in the Dr office that was only 50% successful. He now needs to go to the Hospital for the second half. Not happy. He was rather discouraged at this and wanted me to spend extra time with him.

I went home to let the dog out and fix a light supper for myself. Kristen and the kids stopped in for a couple minutes. As I was waving good bye to them I noticed something in the tree across the alley. A cat, a stuck in the tree cat. Being the cat lover I am I couldn't just walk away. I talked to her while I appraised the situation. The solution appeared to be either a get a ladder or leave her there.

I decided to talk her down. The kids watched from the van, Jackson offered the suggestion we call the fire department. He mom explained that only happens in stories and small towns.

It didn't take long to get her with in reach. Showing her to the kids in the van, Aurora announced we should keep her. The thought had already played in my mind. I had never seen her around, and she definitely is a house cat. She is on trial. I have offered the open door a couple times, but she just backed way--as in 'no way.'

She has made three enemies. None of our other 'girls' have shown her any welcome. Quite the opposite. But she does know her way around a house, including the kitchen counter, as we discovered this morning. The cat door to basement is now locked.

We will see....

In the mean time, names are being tried out...

Pictures later, I think I better check out what that noise was in the basement.

Kids say...

A week ago Friday, after Kristen and Aurora took a tumble down the stairs, Aurora had a rough night. Kicking and crying in her sleep. Of course she couldn't get into bed with Mother, she crawled with Mimi.

The next night I worked till nine, then stopped to see Dwight. Aurora had informed her Mother she needed to see me before she went to bed. Kristen assured her I would check in on her before I went to bed myself. Aurora also informed her that if needed, she would get in bed with Mimi and not hurt Mommy's leg.

As promised, I checked on both Jackson and Aurora and went to sleep. I awoke about an hour later from the sensation of someone staring at me. There, just inches from my face was a little, almost five year old face. I took her in. Rubbed her back, asking her several questions as to why she needed to be in bed with me. All were answered, 'no'. Finally, with true teenage tone, she stated, "I just don't want to talk about it." Nuff said, I worked real hard at not laughing.

In the morning, after much giggling, I asked, "Why did you get into bed with Mimi?"

"Because I wanted too."

We did have a discussion on staying in your own bed.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Note from Dwight

Dear Friends and Family,

Susie's blog has been hijacked. The hijacker is well known to most of you. But to the few who may not know, Susie's current hijacker is little ole me, Susie's husband, Dwight. It has been a long time since I have had a chance to talk to most of you, so I thought I would bring you a personal update just to let you know I am still here.

Life for me has settled into an uneasy routine. My hopes and plans , tho' , are constantly being changed by things beyond my control Dr visits, dialysis, severe pain constantly interrupt my attempts at physical therapy and therefore going home. I am given no idea when I can I do so.

I would like to say “thank you” to all of the good people who have sent cards, written notes of encouragement, called on the phone, and even visited. Especially, those who have taken the time to pray for me and to speak my name before the heavenly Father. I can tell when there are those who are praying especially hard for me during difficult times. I desperately need for you to keep praying for me.
I find myself praying for you as well and seeking God's help for the needs you share with me. Isn't God's family amazing!

Many thanks to Susie her help getting this onto her blog(even typing it up for me on her little purple net book!) Unfortunately I do not have access to either computers or the internet. Just another reason to get well and go home..........

Thanks again for all your concern and care,
signed---the Hijacker

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New Room

Friday Dwight was moved to a private room. We were given two different reasons. 1) they have two people coming in and need his double room (note--the room is still empty!) 2) it is because of him having MRSA. Really? He has had it for how many months?, and now he needs to be in a single room? Somethings just don't make sense.

His new room is in the same wing, just further down the hall. Room 121. It has a much nicer view. He was nervous about the move and is still settling in. A few things still need adjusted for his comfort. It is impossible for him to reach the dresser top and his goody basket. Will have to see what we can do.

Dwight was put into his wheelchair so he could supervise the move. Somehow,in the move, one of the air hoses on the bed was bumped loose. I was not able to get in to see Dwight Friday because of Kristen's tumble down the stairs and her visit to the ER, so I was unaware of the deflated section. When I got in Saturday evening, I noticed the top quarter of the bed was flat. Dwight said he was told they couldn't do anything about it. I could feel the loose hose in the side of the bed, it was blowing nice hot air. But I could find no hose free to connect it to. I went after an aid, usually a very helpful one, but she said--'I don't know' and was gone. Not for help, but for a break and a smoke. Never came back. Sunday, a new nurse (new to Dwight) saw his blight and was on the phone with the bed rental company. They gave her instructions on fixing it. She could not and called them back and told them to get in there immediately--that no patient should have to put with that discomfort until they could conveniently fit it into their schedule. Fixed bed. Nurse given an award!!!

Monday Dwight had his third set of ex-rays taken in a week on his kidneys. The Dr isn't sure how many stints he has put in them. (?????) Two ex rays were taken with a portable ex ray machine at the nursing home by a portable tech--he didn't do a good job so Dwight was taken to the hospital for them. The transport drivers stayed right with him and would not budge until the techs had read them and assured them they had good pictures.

The Steelers won last night. The kids called. There are no current low pressures. The sun is shining. So Dwight is happy today.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Angels Watchin' Over Me

I normally drive 'slightly' over the speed limit. The middle, or far left lane are where you will find me, except for exiting.

As normal, I was buzzing along, on my way to work, in the far left lane on 270, just after the Hillard exit. I notice movement in my left mirror. There shouldn't be movement in my left mirror.

But I did. A car was sliding along, at a high rate of speed on it's top. It flew down into the median, through the super strong fence that is 'supposed' to stop cars from going into opposing traffic. Up onto the shoulder of the south bound traffic. At the speed it was going it should have gone right into the traffic, but it stopped on the shoulder as if someone had put out their hand and stopped it. Or an angel.

It all happened so fast. I have no idea what caused the car to go out of control. Why it came towards me and then went into the median or why it stopped without causing more destruction. But God does and I thank Him. And pray for the driver and any others that may have been in the car.

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Computer Ate It

I know several of you have checked for my lasted update only to find none. Well, there was one, several paragraphs long. I was just winding down when my computer ate it. My cute little purple net book--just ate it. It seems some update had been downloaded (without my permission) and then installed and oh, lets see, yes we need to restart. But don't tell the human you are going to do so. Seeing as it was almost midnight and I was running on empty I simply closed the offending object and found my pillow.

And I have been very occupied since. My family has filled my days with fun and activity. Check Karin's blog for her score of pictures and well written documentary of Friday and Saturday. (

As to Dwight. It was another of those, 'this can't be happening' weeks. Pain increased due to record making low pressure and the storms that went with it. Then the news that his fuscial (sp?) is not growing and a new one needs built. He was on the stretcher to go to said appointment when the nursing home got the call it was cancelled. He was actually on his was down the hall. It is rescheduled for this week. He was only able to get into his wheelchair one day. Friday, he called me come eat lunch with him sitting up, but Karin and my two granddaughters had whisked me off to a birthday lunch and I missed it, but had fun and great food. Maybe this week.

Dwight had a wonderful day Sunday. Sam had come down Saturday for our Family Dinner and then spend all Sunday afternoon and evening with Dwight, reading him more from the book he (Sam) wrote. Kristen and the kids stopped in on the way to Jackson's soccer game. Later Karin, Tim and their three stopped in at supper time. So he had all three Children and all five Grandkids visit, hug and love on him. He is one happy Dad, Granddad.

He also received several cards/notes this week.

These are the things (and his love for the LORD) that keep him going and encouraged. Thanks to everyone.