Friday, August 20, 2010

Speed Read

If you speed read, you MUST go back and slow read if it important info...

In June I received an email about a Birthday party my graduating class is holding for everyone from our class. (Most are hitting a very BIG number this year)

I 'speed read' it; noted the date. Talked it over with my hubby, worried about all his issues. Requested,and got off the two days necessary to make the trip up and back. Gave myself a talk about not speed driving--least not the whole trip. But you do have to 'go with the flow.'

Then, as the day grew closer, and I realized Dwight is pretty stable, I dug back through the emails, found and printed it. And 'slow read' it...and found the line I missed. "Send check of $$ to July 31 for the buffet" Which, off course, I didn't do. That last week of July was surgery week. Week of 'is it going to work this time?' doesn't pay to speed read, you don't get to eat with your high school friends if you do.


Post on Dwight later this morning.

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