Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cat Whisperer

Yesterday Dwight had a procedure in the Dr office that was only 50% successful. He now needs to go to the Hospital for the second half. Not happy. He was rather discouraged at this and wanted me to spend extra time with him.

I went home to let the dog out and fix a light supper for myself. Kristen and the kids stopped in for a couple minutes. As I was waving good bye to them I noticed something in the tree across the alley. A cat, a stuck in the tree cat. Being the cat lover I am I couldn't just walk away. I talked to her while I appraised the situation. The solution appeared to be either a get a ladder or leave her there.

I decided to talk her down. The kids watched from the van, Jackson offered the suggestion we call the fire department. He mom explained that only happens in stories and small towns.

It didn't take long to get her with in reach. Showing her to the kids in the van, Aurora announced we should keep her. The thought had already played in my mind. I had never seen her around, and she definitely is a house cat. She is on trial. I have offered the open door a couple times, but she just backed way--as in 'no way.'

She has made three enemies. None of our other 'girls' have shown her any welcome. Quite the opposite. But she does know her way around a house, including the kitchen counter, as we discovered this morning. The cat door to basement is now locked.

We will see....

In the mean time, names are being tried out...

Pictures later, I think I better check out what that noise was in the basement.

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