Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Early Monday afternoon I received a phone call from a very dear, sweet friend. The small group she and husband belong to adopted my husband as their 'shut in' for Christmas. When could they bring a few things over? Tuesday morning worked.

Right on time they pulled up to our little home. And both came to our door laden with goodies. More gifts than you could count and a huge fruit basket. And Ruth, remembering Dwight's favorites, a bag of navel oranges and a bag of her wonderful, homemade peanut brittle. WOW!

We could hardly wait to started exploring--there were even some wonderful gifts for me, what extreme thoughtfulness. There is just no way to say how blest we feel, we know that each gift represents prayer for us and Dwight's challenges. Again- wow--we rejoice in God's love and faithfulness.

Thank you Paul & Ruth and your small group.

Then, last evening at work, as I help people complete their Christmas shopping, including one HUGE gift I spied some very special children, a young lady and her little brother who we feel like they are more of our grandkids. They had their chauffeurs drive them to my store with some homemade goodies they had helped make. How special, and they offered help me sample them. Just love kids. Thanks Lillie and Cohen (and Jenn and Dave). Dwight sampled it when I got home, and enjoyed it.

Just love surprises--those surrounded with Love and Thoughtfulness.