Thursday, April 28, 2011

Modern Wonders

Having celebrated my half century birthday (and then some), I have seen alot of wonderful technical inventions. At the time of my birth computers had been invented but even at the time of my high school graduation they were still so new that only a few select colleges offered courses in computer education. (And to think I turned down the opportunity to go to one....)

Now we have so many wonderful devices. I sit here with my net book on my lap, my smart phone beside me, watching my flat screen TV. I can blog, send email and comment on face book. Wonderful inventions God has blessed us with enabling us to instantly communicate with friends and to be reunited with people we have lost touch with. People who where important parts of our life, but the years removed our connections.

Today such a reunion took place. I opened my email and found a questionable email. The subject was 'praying for you'. The email address was one I had never seen before. Since I have gotten 'spam' emails responding to my blogs in the past I thought this was another--it sure had the earmarks. I debated with myself, not wanting to get a virus or an email with content I really didn't want to read. I opened it, am thankful I did. It was from a young lady Dwight and I knew in the late 70's, a dear friend of the Shirey family. She now follows our blogs and prays for us daily. What a blessing.

Sittin' and Snoozin'

Dwight is not overly happy with his new room. Everyone coming in through the main entrance into the long term care wing must walk straight towards his room to turn the corner. He feels he is observed by most. Also there are two offices just across from his room so there is alot of 9-5 traffic there. But he has a window again, and it over looks the parking lot. Of course nothing is as nice as his own room at home.

The evening news is on, with buzz about the bad weather and some wedding taking place tomorrow. Dwight and his roommate are sleeping through it all. Not sure how, both have air mattress with less than quiet pumps. And his roommate has a trac and breathing machine. Add Dwight's TV with the news and Ernie's radio playing country music and too many commercials. My body would like to join them but the noise is too much for me. Just wish I could sleep when I settle into my comfy bed at night, laying awake 2-3 hours is crazy.

Spring is so welcome-less rain and storms would be good, but the flowers, tree breaking forth with fresh leaves and pears blossoms is great. I have a wonderful crop of violets--many shades of violet, whites and white with violet freckles. The bleeding hearts are in full bloom and last falls pansies are beautiful. The lily of the valley look like they will produce a great crop of fragrant flowers. Can't wait.

Time to kiss Dwight awake and go let the dog out, eleven hours is a long bladder hold. And fuzzy kittens to hold. One still needs a home....

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Backward

Not sure if I have the count right, could be two forward, three back. Or one forward, two back, or one and one. Just seems that we are not gaining any ground this week.

Dialysis went fine last week. Yesterday (Monday) he only got one good hour then everything stopped. After putting something into the dialysis port that is supposed to open up the internal blockage there was no success. One out of four hours, after two days off. Not good.

So it is off today, Wednesday, to have have the ports replaced, again. Therefore his wound care Dr visit is postponed till next Wednesday.

The fistula is growing well in Dwight's upper left arm and may be able to be used in early May. Good news.

Step back, although is Spring, normally Dwight is able to handle his pain better Spring and Summer. But his mattress has been changed and is not overly comfortable and he has had to have his pain meds increased. To rent the mattress he was using is almost $400 a month and is not covered, it would be out of pocket. We are trying to find out purchase cost, but haven't gotten a response yet. It has to be handled by the nursing home, and I don't think it is a priority to them. Hopefully we will hear soon.

Dwight is enjoying the spring flowers I have been able to take in. Also, Friday Isaac and I took in the kittens and he fell head over heels in love with one the fluffy grey one. I was told that that little sweetheart was to stay with us and visit him often. So, I now have another beautiful grey kitten. Named him Snookzie. He is a real sweetie, sleeping with me as I type.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Stitches Out

Finally, after a couple postponements, Dwight had the stitches removed from his vein surgery on his arm. It went much smoother and way less painful than the nurses had told him it would be because of the delay.

They listened to vein and are very pleased. His Dr at dialysis will keep an eye on it and he may not need to go back to the Dr. That would be one less (two really) trip by transport!!!!

Everything else seems to just running on an even keel. We pray for it to continue. The bedsore continues to heal, bringing physical therapy closer. Physical therapy will be long and hard, but Dwight is determined.

Dwight's roommate left last week, hopefully he has been reunited with his wife and is feeling better at his daughters home.

Dwight is really enjoying his Kindle, he is so happy he can read the Scriptures again. He also watches alot of DVDs on his portable DVD player. I just ordered him two more seasons of one his favorite TV programs. And of course, NCIS reruns are on all the time.