Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Great Visit

Dwight's sister-in-law lives 1200 miles away. In Salt Lake City. Utah. Way too far away for weekly visits. Or monthly visits. Or holiday visits. Just too far away.

But we have had three visits.

(Side note: Dwight's brother, Calvin moved to Utah after their Dad went home to Glory. Meet and married a wonderful woman, Lynette. They, and Lynette's son, Zach made a wonderful family ans were greatly enjoying life. They had plans dor a trip to Ohio to meet us all when Calvin got very sick and joined his parents in Glory. Lynette kept their plans and visited us the next April. It was the first we meet our out west family--and they are definitely family).

This weekend Lynette, Zach and their friend Kim flew out to Pittsburgh to visit Kim family in Johnstown, to cheer the Steelers to victory (face paint and all). Then a trip to see us in Columbus.
Complete with Steeler gifts.

We paid a visit to Dwight. Lynette pulled out a bag and handed Dwight a stack of old books, not any old books. But song books, chorus books and a camp meeting song book that all have "Ralph C. Shirey" hand written in the upper right corner of the cover.

Dwight slowly went through each book, stopping often to read or sing a line, a verse, or an entire song. Was hard to hold in the emotions: Dwight was singing again. Memories of Mom Shirey playing the piano (that was a Christmas gift one year from Dad), while Dad, Dwight and Calvin sang in harmony--harmony that is unique to family voices. Lots of memories. Including the new one made Monday night.

Tears, smiles, hugs, prayer together and more hugs. What a great day. What great visit.


GodQuest said...

Heart warming story. It is great to hear that Dwight was singing. I can picture him leafing through the pages of those song books. Music is a part of him. Illness can rob us of our joy but on days like this it is such a blessing to have that joy restored. I am happy for the visit that benefited you both so much. - Donna

Jeff and Melissa Blair said...

That is wonderful. It sounds like that was just what you both needed.

susan baum said...

how wonderful that Lynette still knew she and Zach were family and came to visit even after Calvin's passing. you all are truly blessed. and such a thoughtful and meaningful gift for papa d.