Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Dwight

Dwight's Birthday would be this Thursday.  But he doesn't celebrate earthly birthdays any longer.

Last year at this time Dwight was receiving numerous birthday cards each day.  They started coming about the 5th of the month.  He questioned why he was getting cards so early, and from so many.  I did my best to act as if I had no idea.  But as the day of his 60th birthday got closer and the daily influx of cards increased I had to confess--I had requested a card shower for him.  I had hoped for 60 cards, but he ended up receiving over 120 cards.  Even the grandchildren and children of friends got involved, making him wonderful homemade cards.  I have them in a fancy bag and will look them over on Thursday. 

We involved a couple of aids in the celebration and they worked with Dwight for a couple weeks to practice getting into his wheelchair so he could join us for a birthday dinner.   He thought he was surprising us.  The grandchildren were wonderfully surprised, oh the looks on their faces.  I think some where hoping we could load him up and take him home.  They never gave up on that dream.

I am so glad we did that for my wonderful husband.  Maybe more for us (me), than him.  We had a great day.  He loved KFC and cherry pie.  We had both.    All three kids were there, all the grandchildren. We sang, laughed and loved.  It was a great time.  We had birthday cake that we shared with anyone from Mill Run who wanted a piece.   He tired and returned to his bed in less than an hour.  That was the last time any of us saw him in his wheelchair, although those same two girls got him up a couple of other times to 'inspect' the new addition to Mill Run.

We will miss celebrating Papa's birthday this year.  Our terrific son-in-law, Tim, shares Dwight's birthday and who loved Dwight dearly is having a hard time as his birthday approaches.  We have decided to have a dinner celebrating Papa's love and influence on all of us.