Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kids say...

A week ago Friday, after Kristen and Aurora took a tumble down the stairs, Aurora had a rough night. Kicking and crying in her sleep. Of course she couldn't get into bed with Mother, so...in she crawled with Mimi.

The next night I worked till nine, then stopped to see Dwight. Aurora had informed her Mother she needed to see me before she went to bed. Kristen assured her I would check in on her before I went to bed myself. Aurora also informed her that if needed, she would get in bed with Mimi and not hurt Mommy's leg.

As promised, I checked on both Jackson and Aurora and went to sleep. I awoke about an hour later from the sensation of someone staring at me. There, just inches from my face was a little, almost five year old face. I took her in. Rubbed her back, asking her several questions as to why she needed to be in bed with me. All were answered, 'no'. Finally, with true teenage tone, she stated, "I just don't want to talk about it." Nuff said, I worked real hard at not laughing.

In the morning, after much giggling, I asked, "Why did you get into bed with Mimi?"

"Because I wanted too."

We did have a discussion on staying in your own bed.

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