Thursday, December 16, 2010

Here we go again, again

Yesterday Dwight went to wound care. We thought he was healing ok, slowly, some parts slower than others, but healing. We were told this by the nurses. We all want it to be faster, but it is what it is.

But the wound care Dr doesn't think so. "Horrid, just horrid." He admitted there is some progress, but some is much worse. So bad he wanted to admit Dwight to the hospital. But Dwight refused. He really does not want to go to the hospital. Am not sure what they would do there, other than IV antibiotic. I asked for a copy of the Doctors report but the night nurse couldn't find where the day nurse put it. We are waiting the results of a culture they took.

Then this morning Karin let us know they were taking Esther Faith to the ER. She has been vomiting all night. Waiting again...

I am glad I had my blue day earlier this week, this wouldn't be a good day for it. Am thankful for the beautiful snow, will be even more thankful if the road crews are doing a good job. Our street is plowed, but it is always one of the first, often better than RT 270!!!

Had Mr & Mrs cardinal at the window feeder this morning. So love watching the birds. And the cats watching the birds!!! Can't yell at them for sitting on the table with such temptation inches away.

Thank you in advance for all who will be praying.

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