Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Altho still dealing with some medication challenges and the side effects from the changes, Dwight had a victory yesterday. With the aid of a lift he was able to finally get out of bed and into his wheelchair. Most of the month he has been in bed and has been rolled onto his side by the nurses at OSU and at Grant by a wonderful advanced bed. (The bed has multiple air chambers that can fill at different levels. He was automatically rolled from back to side with a push of a button!!) He as been able to sit on the side of his bed the last week with the help of his nurse.


Yesterday, He was able to be in his chair several hours. He was wheeled to Physical Therapy and back, and then sat in his room enjoying the view from his window. We hope to be able to replace his glasses within the next month so he can really see.

I am hoping for another good report today.


Jeff and Melissa Blair said...

That is great news!

jen said...

such great news :)

Sam said...

Great news, Mom.

M Hastings said...


HennHouse said...

So glad to hear it. Sounds like he had a pretty grueling PT session today, too.