Saturday, November 22, 2008

Learning by example...

Today Isaiah and I took a short road trip to Mt Vernon Nazarene University. We had a great trip up thru the country, enjoying farmland and
beautiful homes on the way.
At MVNU we cheered for the Shepherd Naz Quiz team as they (both teams) earned 2nd place trophies. This was Isaiah's first teen quiz and he quickly caught on to the quizzing techniques, especially the scoring.

After a short detour (heading in the wrong direction) we stopped at Wendy's for a frosty and a coffee. (Guess which one I got..)

But, the best part of the day for me was observing the maturing of my grandson and the generous nature he is developing, I am sure, in part, from the example of his parents. After lunch in the cafeteria we stopped at the gift shop with our Quiz team. After a slow trip around the shop, Isaiah shopped for his family, ever so careful to get
the right gift for each one.
And he didn't get a thing for himself.

I was pretty pleased with him, but the best was yet to come.

On the way home he was counting his money and I noticed he had quite a few ones. I asked if I could buy ten from him for Papa's bus trips--no problem. And he threw a few quarters, no I didn't have to buy them. When I got home I gave them to Papa. The dear child had slipped in an extra one
and had given seven quarters.

Children learn what they live.

Kudos to the parents leading by example.

Kudos to Isisah for learning.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Snow, Snow, Snow

Mom called tonight. They have had several small snows so far this year, but Monday morning they woke to 12 inches of new snow. They couldn't even open the back door.
My brother Wayne cleared part of their driveway, but Dad won't let Mom go anywhere, not even to shovel the porch.

They have had some more snow showers, and then today 3 inches of snow and will have 5-6 more over night and up to 10 inches tomorrow.

I don't ever remember this much snow this early in the season as a kid. Bet they don't have school tomorrow.

My sister Becky was driving home Sunday night from visiting her daughter, once she hit Cleveland it was pretty much whiteouts, she drove extremely slow the whole way to Falconer NY, keeping an eye on the tail lights in front of her. Thank you God for your protection.

Doors, gutters and gone...

We have new gutters. And recycled down spouts. One just ends at the corner of the house. I moved a run off to it day. Couldn't find the other one--opps, yes I found it. On the other down spout, with the drain ending up against the foundation wall. Yes, that is exactly what I said, uptight against the wall. I tried to take it off the down spout, but it is not about to come off without removing one of the thing-a-ma-gigs that holds it tight. Hm-m-m---

I went to Lowe's Monday after work and found a side door, my wonderful son-in-law, Tim, came and brought it home for us. the sub installed it Wednesday.

Dwight wanted to talk with general contractor before he finished paying, but of course the Shirey luck was in control again. He came while Dwight was at Pain Management and Aurora and I were flying out the door to pick up Jackson from school.

But, we have have door and gutters and a semi repaired railing. I think I can handle the rest in my free time.

We could have been totally ripped off or charged three or four times as much. Or the house could have suffered more damage. We thank God for his goodness.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Snow, wind, storm doors

Sometimes you just want to scratch your head.
Is Murphy's Law living at the Shirey's?

We have been waiting, and waiting and waiting for the contractor to come and fix the problems created by the wind storm in September.

And waiting.

He stopped by Wednesday stated he would have a man on the job Thursday. We needed half down to get the job started. Ok. And a check for the storm doors. Ok.

Thursday came and went, no one came.

Friday, about 10 he finally came. He fixed the ramp railing. Mostly. It is loose, it is nailed, but not screwed. And the damaged storm doors were taken off. Additional damage was discovered at the side door. He took off the gutters. The gutter people will be here Saturday, he said. So would he with the new doors.

One of the doors we chose is not available. No where.

Friday night it started raining. No gutters, no storm doors.

Saturday has come and gone....wind and snow have come. But no storm doors. No gutters. And no answers, the phone has been disconnected. Dwight is confident the general contractor is a good guy. I'm not sure about the sub contractor.

And we have no storm doors and no gutters.
But we have drafts and water in the basement.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Am I Famous...

or just another youtube floating around out there?

Friday, November 7, 2008

Better, with new challegnes

Two new drugs have been added to Dwight's menu. One is a bi-weekly shot that is done in the Dr office. It does seem to be helpful, his color is better and he has more energy. Also (Praise the Lord) he isn't as cold as he as been. Last Friday night he had the house at 78 degrees... I found that rather uncomfortable!!!!!!!!!!!!! And he isn't wrapping up in as many blankets.

Thanks to all who have been praying for us. There is just no way to tell you how much that means and how much those prayers have been helpful. There are many times we are aware of the strength that we have that comes from the prayers of others. I have no idea of how many wonderful, faithful people are whispering our names and needs to God, but I ask God to bless you all in His special wonderful ways. We serve a great merciful God.