Thursday, September 9, 2010

Same old, same old--and something new

Things have been pretty much the same for Dwight. Dialysis three times a week. Reruns and some new shows on USA. Farscape on the DVD player. An occasional call or visit. Mostly just lying in bed because they still won't start physical therapy because of the bed sore.

I don't know how he stands it, I sure won't. I would want to be reading or sewing. We won't even discuss how much he has missed getting to the wood shop this summer. And reading...that is pretty much lost to him. With his glasses missing (in a nurses drawer) for three months his eyes really suffered. He can't even wear his regular glasses now, he wears his reading glasses for everything. Sure wish he could get an eye exam and get new glasses. Maybe sometime in the next years. He does get several woodworking magazines--he does enjoy the pictures! I will save most of them.

Yesterday, (Wednesday) he had a permanent pic line installed in his left arm for dialysis. They gave him a nerve block and his arm was pretty much useless the rest of the day. Was humorous when I would forget and hand him a magazine to look at a picture and he couldn't hold it. Didn't stop him from enjoying his meals, including pie for lunch yesterday.

He has a regular prayer list and special requests I bring to him. Altho he can't read God's word, he does pray daily for many people.

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