Monday, September 29, 2008


Ever wonder about the abbreviation A.S.A.P.?

Generally we thing of it in terms of even more hurry and stress in our lives.
Maybe if we think of this abbreviation in a different manner,we will begin to find a new way to deal with those rough days along the way.

There's work to do, deadlines to meet:

You've got no time to spare,

But as you hurry and scurry-


In the midst of family chaos,

"Quality Time" is rare.

Do your best; let God do the rest-


It may seem like your worries

Are more than you can bear.

Slow down and take a breather-


God know how stressful life is;

He wants to ease our cares,

And He'll respond to all your needs


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Frustration, Part II

The new drug to fight the 'bug' messes with the mind and the bladder. As Dwight is constantly tired and drugged, he doesn't always understand or remember what I tell him. And it is so hard to not get angry, after all, most of the time he is a normal male. Dwight decided to stop the super antibiotic and has returned to close to normal. He is still very tired, but who won't be if you only slept an hour or two at time and then were awake for 20-30 minutes? All night, every night? But it takes him so long to do everything that it frustrates both of us, and you know how that can affect a relationship. He hasn't been able to get a hold of the Dr that prescribed the meds, hopefully tomorrow. The infection may still be lurking in there.

But the tree is gone and the insurance company says, "Get the ramp and roof fixed!!!!" (Hey, how about a new tree?)

Jackson and Aurora are spending the night, and their soft breathing on the other side of this room is so sweet. I have five wonderful grandchildren. If you haven't stopped by Karin's blog do so, she has some great pics of my two grandsons playing soccer. They sure to love it and are good at it. Esther Faith loves to walk in the store where I work, making sure I know she is there, and then takes off to 'shop'. Kristen's computer is giving her fits so she hasn't been able to update lately, sorry.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Tree is Gone

Seven days ago we sat in the day marvelling
at Gods goodness.
He spared our and the neighbors house from our huge pine.
And now our son in law was here, in the dark removing
the branches that were over the ramp.

What was left of the root after they removed all the smaller roots.

The root hole,

Aurora wants it back so she can play in it.

The root that is still in the ground,

just before it goes under the sidewalk.

Roof damage:

not bad, the gutter is gone, and a slight concave in the corner.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kids will be kids

Kids love to climb, especially trees. And apparently, kids of any age.

Karin stopped by Monday after leaving Esther Faith at Day Care so the boys could see the tree in the day light. And soon all three where in the tree...

Opps, hit the wrong file, but it is cute, so we will leave it in. All the kids think our dog, Deanna, belongs to them. When we acquired Deanna in Sept. 2003, she didn't necessarily like kids, but she (and allot of loving and kids sharing dog biscuits) has changed her mind. She even comes to them if they sit still for more than 10 seconds and gets very, very close.
Tuesday night, when Kristen brought her two to spend the night, they both were fearful of
the tree in the dark. But they quickly changed their minds when they saw it in the
bright September sun. Suddenly it was a new playground.
Altho' cautious, Jackson really enjoyed climbing 'up' the tree.

Aurora was content to sit, no climbing for her.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Still fighting the infection

Last week I had to run a Dwight 'sample' to the lab for testing. Today the Dr called, the infection in the kidney is still there and very, very stubborn. So a new, 14 day, script was sent to the Pharmacy. If Dwight doesn't notice some results in 24-48 hours he is to call the Dr; the next step would be a 'port' and daily visits to the hospital for an infusion of a stronger drug.

Hopefully this will work. He has continued to be weaker and weaker. His sugar levels have been dangerously low in the morning, so one of his pills is being adjusted.

Of course, next Monday is the fall equinox and my husbands weather sensitive body is feeling every inch of the earths change .

Oh, can we add one more thing? The storm has left the plaza where I work without electric till possibly Sunday. So-o-o no work, no pay. I guess we have some more challenges to meet, another opportunity to cry out to God in our weakness and let His strength and wisdom power us. He has , He does and He will. Praise the Lord for His love and care.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Openning up

Landing mostly between the houses, some of the tree is on the upper ramp:

You can barely see the door that is the only exit/entrance for Dwight...

But Tim wasn't going to let that remain, he and the family came over with a pruning saw and a modern version of the coal miners lamp, and expended a huge amount of energy to open up the ramp for his favorite father-in-law:

The boys also put in some muscle and cleared off the limbs as their Dad cut them. I think a couple were used as swords, boys will be boys.

Thanks Tim.

God and The Tree

When we bought this little house in Columbus it came with a huge short needle pine right outside the kitchen window. It is tall, 40 to 50 feet; quite old with a large assortment of dead branches. And squirrels and birds. We decided to place our bird feeders outside that window, a great spot for watching for both Dwight and the grandchildren (who are always calling me to come see the male bird or the female bird that is feeding, they sometimes where right on the gender issue, other times it was simply a brown colored bird they called a female--another story.)

But as with age we all weaken, as has this tree. We have discussed having it removed and planting something else. Discussed. A few times. Then Ike visited town.

I left work early cuz the high winds had played havoc with our electric and the registers refused to work. I drove down our street to view the front door that my husband had reported as flying freely on it's hinges, I noticed half the neighborhood staring at our house. There was our tree with a lean to, not a slight lean, but a rather mean lean. I tried to hurry, but neighbors where flagging me down and our alley was full of trash cans and broken limbs. Three stops and with help from the neighbors I got home. I was warned to move my husband to the right side of the living room. One neighbor told me the tree was pulling up from the ground.

I cautiously walked up the ramp with a eye on the swaying pine.

Inside I couldn't find my husband, panic rose in my throat. I called, he as in the study. I informed him of the outside happenings. (Like he wouldn't know) Ran back to window, peaked out, yea, the ground was swelling with each strong gust. And the tree moved closer and closer to the neighbors house. I ran back to the husband, PRAY!!! I am!! So calm--doesn't he feel my panic?!?! Back to the window, more ground swell. Called the neighbors to tell them to move out of their living room--no answer. Back to my husband--


The Tree Came Down.

I have a cell phone video from a neighbor across the street, if you would like to see it email me at and I forward it to you.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


The biopsy answered many questions, or so we thought. But problems continue and new ones arise. It is so frustrating. Dwight has called Doctors and waited and is still waiting for responses. He hardly dares leave the house, especially with the terrible service he has had from COTA Mainstream this last month. We sure would like some answers and solutions. It is hard to keep a positive attitude, even for my always smiling and laughing husband. Pain, frustration, new problems, weakness----and lack of sleep. He dozes off anywhere, anytime; even moving from room to room.

I asked him what he would like for his birthday--"To wake up and find this has all been a dream." Not sure what store carries that, would love to fix it all for him.

Thanks to all who ask about him and pray for him, it sure does help. We are very aware of the prayers surrounding us. He received a card yesterday that stated that the sender has been praying extra since the day these new problems arose, and no one outside of our family has been aware of them until Dwight called the Drs. It is wonderful how God works.

Sweet Pears

We, mostly Dwight, have eaten pears from both of our trees. The Bartlett are all off the tree and almost too ripe. No, I didn't get any pie made. Some how when you get older you have fewer hours in the day--or is it energy--or.... Anyhow, they have been greatly enjoyed. This noon Aurora ate a small one, sized just right for her. She was hesitant to bite it, but soon got going. It was so juicy that a loudly protested shower followed. Aurora wasn't overly fond of the pear, but was pleased to be eating Papa's fruit from Papa's tree.

We also have sampled the Moonglow pear, it has a different taste. I enjoyed it more than the Bartlett. Can't wait for next year, hopefully the Ayers tree will also bless us with fruit. Fruit trees: beauty in the spring, shade in the summer and fruit in the fall. (Also, our birds enjoy sitting in them and singing for us.)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

And.... is still raining.

Guess it is time to go to bed and let it

gently carry me

off to sleep

Friday, September 5, 2008


After way too long without a decent rain it is ---raining. Slow and steady, a perfect September rain. It took it all day to get it going, but about 10:30 tonight we could hear the gentle, sweet sound of the steady rain. No starts and stops, no gushes--just slow and steady. Washing the dust off the trees, plants and house. Slowly soaking into the ground. Watering the fruit, veggies, herbs---and, oh yes, that god that is worshiped in the cities of America, the lawn. The air coming in the window is fresh and sweet, refreshing. I will sleep much better night than the nights we have had to run the A/C. (Country girls just have to have fresh air!!)

For this we say, "Thank you God".