Tuesday, September 28, 2010

end of day

I kissed Dwight as they wheeled him out of room 945. Pastor Tim and I rode with him to the third floor and to radiology. I went to the waiting room and Pastor Tim left for another hospital. (Do we truly appreciate that Man of God? He is super!)

I waited and waited. I asked two different people to check on the pre-surgery progress. Was assured they would let me know. Seemed like too long a wait, when I faintly heard my name paged, with a request to call a phone number. And of course, I had no cell service. Finding a phone I could use I called and was hung up on. Called again and no answer. So I went to the surgery waiting room, once there my phone worked. It seems Dwight was lying in OR, out cold, and had not been given the consent form to sign and they needed my OK. Hm-m-mm-m??????????????

The Doctor consult was not what I wanted to hear. We had been told that there were 3 stones in the left kidney, they only found and took out 2, "but some could have clustered"..... "Oh, and there is one 7mm in the right kidney. Maybe it will come out when the stints are taken out next week."

Dwight is quite tired, running a fever, and will have to have dialysis again tomorrow. The dialysis port was used for his IV and some meds so it didn't work right for his dialysis today. He will, therefore, spent another day at Grant. He had hoped to go back to Mill Run tomorrow.

Thanks to all who check my ramblings, care and pray. I (we) appreciate it more than we can tell you.


Hollie said...

Oh Susie, what a rough day for both of you! But we have God's strength to help hold us up. Sending thoughts and prayers your way.

jen said...

hugs to you susie!!