Thursday, July 30, 2009

Overheard at the Shirey's

Earlier this week Isaac was dropped off the spent the day with Papa. I was still getting ready for work and Papa was in the bedroom with the door closed, so Isaac needed to speak loudly to be heard. I knew he was on the floor loving and/or brushing the 'family dog', Deanna. She is usually the first stop for Isaac when he comes.

Isaac: "Papa,I know how we tell that Deanna is a girl dog."

Papa, after a very slight pause, "Really, how is that Isaac?"

Isaac, with complete confidence in his knowledge: "She has a girl face."

Sunday, July 26, 2009

do you know what time it is?

Having grown up in the country in the old days before security lights in every driveway and the felt need to lock the doors every night, I enjoy(ed) having windows open for fresh air. Now I worry about which windows are open, and open the top instead of the bottom, oh, yeah the doors are locked, and sometimes dead bolted. If I take trash out at night the dog always goes out with me.

Night, realizing that our chance for more rain left several hours ago and that it is cool outside and hot inside I opened several windows. And I understand why the neighbors run their AC all summer. Immediately loud music from who knows where assaults our ears.(this at 11:45 PM) Sirens race down one of the main roads near us. Some where a motorcycle rushes to another party or bar. A train can be heard. That's OK, we need the trains. But loud music? Don't they know some -- a lot-- of people are trying to sleep.

I miss the country.

We like our little house, and this a nice neighborhood of older houses, most owned by those living in them. Our street looks like it could be in any little community. Like Leetonia, Columbiana, Falconer....