Saturday, April 3, 2010

Extreme Spring Cleaning

Altho a advocate for Spring Cleaning, I do believe there are limits---which I pushed this week.

Dwight is battling some unknown internal problem that causes him to have extreme sweating in the middle of the night, resulting in very soaked bedding. And an usual amount of laundry. One night it was so much that his pillow was like a damp sponge.

Now mind you I have washed his favorite, I will only sleep it pillow many times before. But this time was different, very different. At the command of the buzzer I went to the basement to move the now clean bedding to the dryer. but I found the washer to be full of foam, very large chunks, very wet chunks of foam. Gr-r-r-r..............

I pulled out the offending object--(I refuse to acknowledge it by its proper name any longer). It was still about half full. And everything else was wearing remnants of the stuffing. EVERYTHING.

All were shook off as best as possible and placed in the dryer. And the washer was still 1/3 full of foam.

After giving it a couple of days to dry I attacked it with the shop vac, much to the amazement of my four year granddaughter. She didn't know I had a down stairs vac. She loved watching it so much that she, (the child afraid of vacs) asked to help. Soon she was vacuuming the floor--lose foam, cat food, whatever wasn't nailed down. She was also delighted when we removed the lid and found the vac overfull and returning the excess to the floor--more to sweep.

She was delighted------I wasn't. Especially when she left before the cleaning was done with Kiki, Uncle Tim and the cousins for COSI.

Question---how many of you have vacuumed your washing machine tub?

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Sam said...

I love that girl.