Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New Room

Friday Dwight was moved to a private room. We were given two different reasons. 1) they have two people coming in and need his double room (note--the room is still empty!) 2) it is because of him having MRSA. Really? He has had it for how many months?, and now he needs to be in a single room? Somethings just don't make sense.

His new room is in the same wing, just further down the hall. Room 121. It has a much nicer view. He was nervous about the move and is still settling in. A few things still need adjusted for his comfort. It is impossible for him to reach the dresser top and his goody basket. Will have to see what we can do.

Dwight was put into his wheelchair so he could supervise the move. Somehow,in the move, one of the air hoses on the bed was bumped loose. I was not able to get in to see Dwight Friday because of Kristen's tumble down the stairs and her visit to the ER, so I was unaware of the deflated section. When I got in Saturday evening, I noticed the top quarter of the bed was flat. Dwight said he was told they couldn't do anything about it. I could feel the loose hose in the side of the bed, it was blowing nice hot air. But I could find no hose free to connect it to. I went after an aid, usually a very helpful one, but she said--'I don't know' and was gone. Not for help, but for a break and a smoke. Never came back. Sunday, a new nurse (new to Dwight) saw his blight and was on the phone with the bed rental company. They gave her instructions on fixing it. She could not and called them back and told them to get in there immediately--that no patient should have to put with that discomfort until they could conveniently fit it into their schedule. Fixed bed. Nurse given an award!!!

Monday Dwight had his third set of ex-rays taken in a week on his kidneys. The Dr isn't sure how many stints he has put in them. (?????) Two ex rays were taken with a portable ex ray machine at the nursing home by a portable tech--he didn't do a good job so Dwight was taken to the hospital for them. The transport drivers stayed right with him and would not budge until the techs had read them and assured them they had good pictures.

The Steelers won last night. The kids called. There are no current low pressures. The sun is shining. So Dwight is happy today.


Carrie said...

Oh, thank God for good nurses! I'm so glad to hear that!

yui said...

I hope you'll have a good luck.
I'm always with you.