Friday, July 23, 2010

Sad News

Things have been going along fairly predictable. Long, mostly boring days for Dwight. Mostly in bed, occasionally sitting up at the edge of the bed for an hour or so. No new infections. A few visitors. A phone call now and then from someone besides me. And an occasional card.

We had a meeting with the Social Worker who said Dwight wasn't making any progress in physical therapy. (How could he with a drain tube in his back and a pic line in his arm?!?!?!?!!??). Basically, if he didn't a bed sore, medicare would kick him out. Thankful for a bedsore???

He got a new roommate early in July. Bill. Nice guy, celebrated his 75th Birthday at a family picnic with all of his extended family. He and they had a great time. He came back to Mill Run tired, but happy. Bill's son and two daughters that live in the area visited him daily. Bill seemed to doing fine till about a week ago. Each day he slept more and seemed more out of it.

Wednesday, in the early morning hours Bill took a real bad turn for the worst. His family was called in with the message: could be hours, could be days. Dwight was moved out of the room into the room across the hall so that they could have privacy. We prayed that the third daughter would make it into town, she did. Bill passed this morning. We didn't realize how much we had come to like this family. We truly feel their pain. Many hugs were exchanged. One of the daughters has said she will be back to visit Dwight. (The same one who brings him treats!!!)

Dwight had attempted to witness to Bill. Only God knows the results. This is the fourth time we know of that God has given Dwight an opportunity to be used of Him in the life of others during the last month.

Dwight's new roommate is a fellow Christian. A WWII vet, fought at Bunker Hill, as did Dwight's father. Wow!

Dwight's surgery is still scheduled for Tuesday. We are praying hard that nothing causes any problems. I ask all who read this to join us in prayer for final success in Dwight's kidney health---and then physical therapy.



jen said...

prayers for bill's family. and prayers for dwight, and you too of course :)

Carrie said...

Isn't amazing how God can use you when your open to the chance? God bless you and I keep you in my prayers.