Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Will he or won't he?

Dwight's kidney function has been decreasing everyday for the last week. Dangerously decreasing so that he is unable to eat and is nauseous. We were told that if the levels went down again last night he would start kidney dialysis today.

As is the norm in the medical field you get told different things from different people. One told us that one or two treatments may jump start the kidneys. Another said, no, once you start you are on it for life. Who is right?

Dwight's results from last night are that he is leveling off. So they are not starting today, but are waiting another day to see how the next results are. But his kidneys are only operating at 10%, so I don't understand why they aren't doing anything.

Dwight was also told that he may be returning to Mill Run in a day or two. There they will be testing his blood every two or three days. Not sure I am comfortable with any of this.

Pastor Tim visited him yesterday and they had a great discussion. That is so good on many levels. I played him the Jeremy Camp song last night and he was very blessed.

We are hoping the MRSA continues to improve so that others are comfortable with visiting him. I am thankful it is not a very dangerous strain of MRSA.

I received a love gift from a dear friend yesterday that is another reminder that in all of this God is walking with us, and is in control.


Shelby said...

Susie, once on dialysis, always on dialysis is NOT always true. Rich's kidneys failed in 2005 due to a septic infection that knocked out his kidneys and the liver. He was dialyzed for 3 months and then got off. You need a TOP FLIGHT nephrologist to manage him if dialysis becomes the norm, one who isn't afraid to buck the "always" mindset that goes with dialysis.

You are so much in my prayers, I can't even tell you. Sending you as much love and support as I possibly can fling out through cyberspace.


Lucia said...

From my experiences with several friends with kidney issues, 10% is NOT a good number and normally patients approaching that number or even approaching 15% are usually started on dialysis. BUT...some people do benefit from dialysis's "jumpstart" for their kidney, like one of my friends...he was on dialysis for a few weeks and bounced back to 70% but a year later he eventually's been a year since he passed. Most people do stay on dialysis once they start dialysis, unless they get lucky and get a transplant. And some people, even if they stay on dialysis permanently, can actually get a lot of benefit out of it, like my friend Nik. She has been on dialysis since age 10 and now she is 25 years old (she was born with very little kidney function) and still going strong. It varies in different people. I will keep your Dwight in my thoughts. I read Karin's blog a lot and sometimes end up coming here to read sometimes. I hope you won't mind me adding you. :)