Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Home: Good News

Dwight finally made it home Monday evening about 5 PM. Would have been sooner but they sent the wrong vehicle to pick him up, and tried to tell him he had to go home in it. But about six employees gathered and said no. Which Dwight was also saying. Someone got the Social Worker there and she informed them that she ordered a wheelchair van and they would provide a wheelchair van--ASAP. Done--home.

Dwight was very happy to get back home, I let the dog out to greet him, two very happy 'people'. For most of the night she won't get more that 4 feet away from him, occasionally just walking up to him and staring at him. I knew she missed him, didn't realize it was so intense.

Isaac called him later in the evening and expressed his joy in Papa being where he belongs, not sure he understands that Papa still isn't well and has a surgery coming, but at least he is in his house so he can come hang out with him. Dwight has such a wonderful relationship with all his grandchildren.

I saw a follow up Doctor in the afternoon. He was not a good listener. He told me again what my results from the hospital and the stress test--everything that the Doctor last week told me. Then asked questions, all leading to what he had already decided. He didn't seem to want to understand the whole picture. His diagnosis is: depression and panic attacks. Hm-m-m-m. I do believe anxiety/worry/lack of sleep are probably my biggest problems. He also doesn't think vitamins and/or minerals are of any help.


jen said...

so happy papa D is home! praying for both of you :)

HennHouse said...

Very good news. Isaac is excited, but he knows there is a long road ahead.

Kristen said...

Mom, I agree with the depression diagnosis too! Just so you know. And I was told to tell you to have your doctor subscribe Buspar. It's non-habit forming and is only taken as needed. Won't make you drowsy. It's an anti-anxiety thing. Anyway, talk to your doctor about it! And a lot of your tiredness and everything else could be because of depression! You need to step out of denial and realize that he could be right!!
I Love You!!!

susan baum said...

susie, i'm so happy to learn the both of you are reunited under your own roof. wonderful news!

Welcome home, Dwight!!