Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy Birthday--Good and Bad

Things have been going along fairly calm. We have been in a routine. Dwight has dialysis Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Any Dr appointments are on off days. Because my schedule has me working mostly to close(9 PM), I stop and see Dwight on my way home, staying till 11 or 11:30 PM. Routine.

Physical Therapy is to start soon. In fact, today. Strength building exercises that he can do in his bed.

Monday was Dwight's and Tim's birthday. Sunday evening we all gathered in Dwight's room for cake, ice cream, singing and laughing. Oh, and a lot of pictures. Visit Karin's blog for some great shots by Tim.

We all enjoyed the night, some eating too much. Isaiah volunteered to eat, finish anything we didn't want. Dwight thought he had eaten to much, as he didn't feel well about 10:00. As it turned out he was sick all night, including a fever of 102.8. At 8:00 AM his nurse decided they couldn't take care of him and scheduled him a trip to the ER. Gr-r-r.

At the ER it seemed to take way-y-y-y too-o-oo-o long to decide he has a bladder infection. but it seems they had reserved a bed for him for overnight. We weren't told it by his Primary Dr, just told that they wanted to be able to give him an IV if the fever came back. Dwight refused. An RN called the Nursing Home and led them to believe he was very sick.....that he shouldn't leave the hospital. Double Gr-r-r-r

But Dwight returned to Mill Run with a RX to fight the infection. Made it to dialysis today and started physical therapy. Usually he has little appetite after dialysis, but he did eat some tonight.

We are praying, and asking for prayer, that the infection will be gone by Monday so he can have the surgery on the left kidney on Tuesday as planned. With NO upsets.

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