Friday, August 27, 2010

Beam me up, Scottie

Yesterday I made a quilting supply run to Harbour Freight. Really can't give the salespeople,(no change that to clerks), working any high marks for service. They were neither friendly nor willing to be helpful. They were supposed to be holding three packages of carpet cutting blades for my friend Buff. They were not, nor did they have any idea where I might find them. Finally one reluctantly helped me. Informing her that I wanted the three for my friend and the other two for me, she gave a cold look, stated that there are two blades in each pack and put two back on the wall. Really, was she deciding for me how many I wanted to buy? Or just avoiding reordering? Of course you know whose line I chose to get in when I purchased all five packages....

After work I stopped to visit my sweet husband and found a cute PT Cruiser in the Mill Run parking lot. Buff decided that she wanted to get her Harbour Freight merchandise from an frequent shopper of Harbour Freight, so she and her little dog joined me in visiting Dwight. Had a great visit, and her little dog was no small part of it. He joined Dwight on the bed and settled in for some loving from the dog lover himself. Dwight and Buff enjoyed each other also, not to leave her out. And she did get her blades.

Oh, the dog--Scottie, white welsh terrier. Little dog, big lover, loud barker.

Wish I had taken a picture--just need Tim around more.


Kristen said...

Sounds Super Fun!!! Sometimes I wish the real Scottie would beam me up! That would be fun!!! I think it's time to watch a classic Star Trek with the kids! Maybe this weekend!!!

HennHouse said...

I love dogs, too. Can't wait to see Dad later.