Monday, November 1, 2010

The Computer Ate It

I know several of you have checked for my lasted update only to find none. Well, there was one, several paragraphs long. I was just winding down when my computer ate it. My cute little purple net book--just ate it. It seems some update had been downloaded (without my permission) and then installed and oh, lets see, yes we need to restart. But don't tell the human you are going to do so. Seeing as it was almost midnight and I was running on empty I simply closed the offending object and found my pillow.

And I have been very occupied since. My family has filled my days with fun and activity. Check Karin's blog for her score of pictures and well written documentary of Friday and Saturday. (

As to Dwight. It was another of those, 'this can't be happening' weeks. Pain increased due to record making low pressure and the storms that went with it. Then the news that his fuscial (sp?) is not growing and a new one needs built. He was on the stretcher to go to said appointment when the nursing home got the call it was cancelled. He was actually on his was down the hall. It is rescheduled for this week. He was only able to get into his wheelchair one day. Friday, he called me come eat lunch with him sitting up, but Karin and my two granddaughters had whisked me off to a birthday lunch and I missed it, but had fun and great food. Maybe this week.

Dwight had a wonderful day Sunday. Sam had come down Saturday for our Family Dinner and then spend all Sunday afternoon and evening with Dwight, reading him more from the book he (Sam) wrote. Kristen and the kids stopped in on the way to Jackson's soccer game. Later Karin, Tim and their three stopped in at supper time. So he had all three Children and all five Grandkids visit, hug and love on him. He is one happy Dad, Granddad.

He also received several cards/notes this week.

These are the things (and his love for the LORD) that keep him going and encouraged. Thanks to everyone.

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