Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Saga Continues

Dwight has been told often that he was being released from Dodd Hall on the 18th. but never with an answer as to where he was going. Altho his strength is returning, he isn't able to transfer, so I am unable to care for him at home. OSU Drs said they had no directive to return him to Grant.

And the frustration continues.

Over the weekend they were evaluating him...to see what he has learned??? but still no answers.

Last night (Monday, the 17th) his nausea got worse, he got chills, and he was told his calcium level was very, very high and they were transferring him to the main hospital. Had they conferred with his Drs from Grant? NO!! Had they called his primary Dr? NO!!

But did Susie? YES!! I called his primary Dr--got her out of a conference in Kansas City (did not know, sorry). She said NO, call other Drs and get him back at Grant. He is being moved there sometime today--not sure when, but he has to go through the ER to be readmitted. That doesn't make sense, but hopefully they will get the calcium under control and remove the kidney stones so we can get real serious about him regaining his strength and coming home.

He is unable to get an electric wheelchair right now,but we will work on it.

And, hopefully he will have glasses soon, someone is working on that for him. PTL

I realize we still have a long bumpy road ahead but...

Again, thanks to all of you who care and are praying.

God is in control, even when we feel out of control. God is good...


HennHouse said...

All the time, Mom.

Let us know what you need.

jen said...

It's so good to know someone knows what is going on :)