Monday, March 14, 2011

the continuing story

Last Monday morning at 5:00 AM Dwight was loaded in the transport vehicle and set off to Doctors Hospital to spend some time in surgery with Dr Brightwell. His check in was scheduled for 6 AM. He arrived at 5:40, surgery was at 8. All went well, Dr Brightwell thinks that the 'Third time is the charm' and we (Dwight) will have a good, usable vein for dialysis. It will be several weeks of healing before we know for sure. Dwight really likes Dr Brightwell and I have heard from others that he is the best. Praying so.

Dwight had been on a very, very strong antibiotic for an infection. It affected his sugar levels, causing them to go quite low. He went several days without insulin shots and extra bags of candy. He seems to be returning to normal. Also he back on blood thinners so his blood is not clodding in the dialysis machine and he is getting a full four hours of dialysis.

The new treatment they are using on his bedsore is being successful, so good to have good reports. Dwight (and the five grand kids) are quite anxious for all this to be done with and for Dwight to return to our little Cape Cod on Demorest.

I am hoping to have a work day one Saturday in April and fix the ramp and a few other things around our home. (Maybe the 30th--anyone free and willing to join me?)

Thanks to all of you who continue to inquire about and pray for my sweet husband.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Good Deed Rewarded

If you recall, I talked a very pretty cat out of a tree last November. Because of her beauty and friendliness we were sure she belonged to someone. We watched for fliers on the telephone poles, missing cat ads in the paper, or sad little boys at our door--any or all wanting their sweet cat back. None of the above turned out to be the right answer. The right answer being: You are the proud owner of an unfixed female cat.

Early in January our cat Velvet, began accepting suitors. Quite a few, large Tom cats whom we had never seen appeared at our doorstep. Both door steps, and Velvet was quite happy to entertain them.

Nine weeks have passed and we have reaped the results of the seed sowing. Wednesday, when Kristen and the kids arrived home, Velvet insisted that Kristen follow her, and introduced her to two little balls of fur under the bed. (Aurora was not pleased at all,our dear cat Velvet had blood on herself, Aurora retreated to chair and stayed there till her Mother put her to bed). We were alittle disappointed, we had hoped for more than two babies. (One was grey with white markings and the other white with grey spots, very interesting spots--pictures will follow in a week or so.)

At the call the morning alarm we discovered that we now had a very pretty black kitten with white marks. Smiles all around. AND, "may I hold one, please?" ringing in our ears.

When I returned home Thursday evening I thought maybe there would be another, but no, just the three lovely babies with their tiny, squeaky meows. Of course I held each one, telling them how pretty and welcome they were. My cold and I headed off for a fitful night of sleep.

Friday morning, without my glasses, I stopped to say good morning, half groggy I thought I was seeing double, glasses on, I still was seeing double, really... light on. Yes there are two grey babies, more than 24 hours later we had an increase. Four little darlings in the cat box.

And a lot of, "may I hold a kitten?" May I check on the kittens?" May I pet a kitten?" "Why aren't their eyes open?" "Why are their nails so sharp?" Going to be a fun 6-8 weeks. Can't wait for Esther Faith, Issac and Isaiah to come over and see them too!!!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Good News Update

Dwight visited the wound care Dr this past week, receiving a very good report. His bed sore that has been very bad is finally making continual healing. The Dr and staff were very happy. They have used several different treatments, something or 'somethings', are working.

Also, it seems that the latest UTI has finally responded the third antibiotic. This is double good, the UTI is gone and the low blood sugar levels are going away. Now I will have to stop giving Dwight so much candy, altho it has been a literal life saver a couple times.

Monday morning the vein Dr will preform surgery to create a permanent spot to do dialysis. Praying this work after two failed surgeries.

Also praying that this nasty cold that has knocked me for a loop doesn't hit Dwight. He has had so many shots that he should be OK.

Also, if you haven't checked my kids blogs lately I invite you to do so...