Monday, April 26, 2010

A Week Later...

...but any real change?

Dwight continues to fight infections: blood infection; staph infection at the port site; abnormal bacteria in the urine; UTI and on and on.

An attempt to 'drill' in thru his back into the kidney to remove the 1.3 mm kidney stones. Laying on his side, his body spasmed and they couldn't drill safely.

Now they want to remove the stones another way, after he regains his strength through rehab. But he wasn't moved today as we were told he would be. Nurses are confused, Doctors are confused and frustrated and we are...............waiting.

In the meantime the lawn is growing nice and lush. The violets and lily of the valley are blooming together, the lilacs are so full, beautiful and fragant. AND our maples that were planted last spring look great! Part of spring is wonderful.


Expressions of Joy said...

Hi my name is Joy and I was drawn to your blog. I started reading from the beginning but then got confused about who the blog was referring to with health issues. My husband has stage 4 pancreatic cancer so I was searching for blogs that would be encouraging as well as people who could understand first hand what its like to live with someone with a difficult illness. Was it your father or husband that was or is ill. I am sorry I could not figure it out. I would like to know so that I can pray for you and your family as well. Take care and many blessings. I actually use my blog to just write about anything and everything but I specifically use our carepages blog for updates on my husbands health. I say this just in case you read my blog and are wondering where his updates are.

Swedish Mama said...

Joy, it is my husband who is having all the current stuggles. When I was under the weather in February my eldest daughter hijacked my blog and updated what was happening in our family at the time. Thanks for visiting and praying, my husband and I both are well aware of the power of the prayers of others on our behalf. I will be visiting your blog soon.

Piper .. said...

It is my first visit here. I happened to chance upon your space on random blog hopping. And I`m hooked! Sending you lots of prayers. Here`s hoping your husband recovers pretty soon and that your family and you find your peace once again..