Friday, February 26, 2010

Unhappy Doctor

Dwight visited his kidney Doctor this morning. Fairly good visit until he asked her about the phone call I made about a month ago concerning the problems and symptoms I was seeing. She had no record of getting the message. She went through her records four times. Absolutely NO record of my calling the office. It seems someone has been listening to phone messages and answering them without giving them to a Dr. Not a good practice, I am sure when they are found out they won't like the review they receive....

Just wonder if he had started treatment then if we could have avoided most of the last 2 weeks.

The Dr told Dwight he needs to see another Dr for the removal of the kidney stones---that appointment is next week.

Good note...Physical Therapy says Dwight is more than ready to come home. But wound care wants him to stay a couple days longer, they have his wounds healing--hope they tell me what they are doing so I can continue it at home. We may be able to get home health care for a couple weeks. That would be great after he has the stones removed.

Asking God to provide the best for Dwight.


Jeff and Melissa Blair said...

Glad to hear he will be back home soon!

susan baum said...

oh, my heaven. that was happening in the neurology practice i work for now. the culprit got let go. at least the doctor is aware and i'm willing to bet changes will be made to their protocols.

i'm so happy to hear you are home and that your darling may join you soon.

jen said...

glad the physical therapy is going well!! so sorry that the dr. didnt get the original call :( hope to hear he is home soon!!