Friday, August 20, 2010

Trips--too many

I have held off posting hoping to give a different update than the one I am giving. (Alright, I have been busy with busyness also).

Dwight has been going to dialysis three times a week. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, leaving at 11:00 AM and returning just in time for supper. Long, boring days. I wanted to try and get him an Ipad. He refused, but Kristen and I entered a couple of drawings for one anyhow. Dwight says they have nice flat screen TVs at each station.

The last labs returned with his creatinene(misspelled) level very down, much nearer to normal than it has been for a couple of years. His BUN level was very, very much improved. His kidney output has increased greatly. So 24 hour test of his urine was taken.

Dialysis will continue. His kidneys, although there is great output, the actual function is only at 3%. Needless to say he was very disappointed with this news.

We are still praying for his kidneys to remember their job. A new test will be taken in a few weeks.

He still hasn't started physical therapy. The incision is not healed. Soon....

Dwight is very grateful for his visits from Pastor Tim Swanson. They have been a wonderful blessing and encouragement. Pastor Tim served Dwight communion last week and Dwight felt a deep touch from the LORD.

This week Dwight began to disciple a young lady in her desire to share the LORD. God can use us anywhere, even if we don't pick the location.

God is good....All the time.

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Shelby said...

I am humbled and amazed that, with all Dwight has been through, is going through and has yet to go through, he is discipling this young lady. I sure hope I'm like him when I grow up (which should be soon since I'm 47 already!).

I'm glad to hear that so much of the news is good related to his organ functions. It was long and frustrated as we watched and waited for Rich's kidneys to kick and remember how to do what they were supposed to do. You guys will keep the faith, I know, and I'll keep you in prayer.

Much love.