Monday, October 11, 2010

Starting Physical Therapy

They started Dwight on physical therapy last Wednesday. Basically just sitting up: they swing his legs off the side of the bed and have him sit up. Both days he was light headed and dizzy. He is hoping to get into his wheelchair soon and maybe even to the physical therapy room.

I ask all of you who pray to help me pray for Dwight to be approved for Medicaid. I applied in June and the only thing I have heard is a request for some more paper work which I faxed them. 12 times. Just making sure....

I have called and left voice messages--(he doesn't answer his phone). I have faxed inquires numerous times. The nursing home says they have attempted to get a hold of him.

It is very important that we be approved. We owe huge amounts to hospitals, doctors, transport and now the nursing home bill came for Sept. Oct--$25,000. I am afraid we are going to have to bring him home. But we have neither the equipment nor expertise to care for him. The transport bill needs some paid on it or we may lose it, and we haven't gotten a bill for dialysis yet for the past three months..


Thank you to all who will be praying with our family for this important issue.

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Cindy Campitelli said...


You need to find out who the ombudsman is for your county. Contact them ASAP. I was having some difficulty over Tim's spend down. The ombudsman was very helpful. I believe each county has their own. I pray you will get this resolved.