Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Can you believe it?

Surgery was scheduled for noon. I made up a lunch of snack/finger foods for the grandchildren and headed to the hospital early enough to visit Dwight in his room before they wheeled him off.

Dwight was very happy to see us, and of course the kids had big smiles for their Papa. Shortly after we got there (and broke out the food) two Doctors from Dwight's kidney practice came in asking lots of questions about the surgery. I refrained from reminding them that there is a patient chart they can read. And that it is his kidneys that are having issues--they really should know some of this.

Then in walked Dr Brown and a resident. Wish you could have seen Jackson and normally shy Aurora, all smiles and "hi Dr Brown". You would think they were best friends.

I knew this wasn't just a last minute visit. Dr Brown explained that he had had a call from the infectious disease Dr and they had decided that it was best not to do the surgery at this time because of the current infections.( I counted five he mentioned, three in the blood). They are not sure of the cause of them, and will be running more tests to pinpoint them better. A pic line will be put in, and IV antibiotics will be administered. And he will be going back to Mill Run Care Center tomorrow for about two weeks. That is the earliest the two Doctors can tag team again.

Dwight's emotions were pretty well contained, I thought, but on the way home Jackson told me that Papa was disappointed. When everyone left Dwight said he wanted to pray, Jackson immediately went over and joined hands with Papa. A nurse came in, saw them and quietly left.

I am so happy that Issac and Jackson have such a close connection with their grandfather. It is a true blessing.

And on it goes.....


HennHouse said...

Two weeks?! And then surgery? Mom... please let me know if we can do anything.

susan baum said...

will dwight be returning to the same room at mill run?

praying for relief,

jen said...

praying praying praying. for healing and comfort and peace. (((HUGS)))

Hollie D. said...

This had to be very disappointing to all of you. Praying that things will start to move in the right direction.

Dawn said...

You don't know me but we are family in God and my heart goes out to you. I am inspired by your patient acceptance that God knows what he is doing, even in the times when it is difficult to feel that He is doing anything. I am praying for you both.