Saturday, August 17, 2013

Trombone Time

It is hard to believe there is another trombone player in the family.  Jackson, he joins his cousin, Isaiah as the second of the third generation to play.

The first time I ever noticed my husband was at the welcome service in Wesley Chapel on the campus of the then Eastern Pilgrim College. He was rocking the service with Roll Jordan Roll.  WOW!!  Altho my mother and her parents were really good musicians I inherited my father's talent--zero.  So I really didn't realize how good Dwight was (as Mr Umstead saw him), but I was impressed.

Dwight played very well and often used his trombone in his concerts and revivals, making his own backgrounds in his small studio.  He then taught our daughter Karin, who was very good.  Then Karin passed her student trombone on to my oldest grandson Isaiah who does well, playing in the concert band. (Not sure how he has time to practice with all the sports he plays, and he is a great helper at home--besides keeping excellent grades.)  Now Jackson picked up his used student trombone today.

He was barely in the house when he had the case open and was putting it together.  It took a little convincing on my part that I actually knew how to put it together correctly.  And how to blow into the mouthpiece.  He did listen.  And then we listened. And listened.  And listened as he produced note after note.  He did quite well for not having lessons.  Finally he was sent out to the backyard to practice.  He didn't tire of it.  Can't say the same for the rest of us.

When it was time for a movie Jackson reminded us it was his turn to pick----Music Man. 

I am sure Dwight would have loved to compose, or arrange a trio or quartet piece for the trombonists.

Maybe Isaiah and Jackson can come up with a duet for us.................

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Best little dog

Riding his bike this afternoon, Jackson wiped out in the alley.  Our alley is not the cleanest place for a young man to get a wound in his hand.  Dogs, trash and just last week three elm trees cut down.

Kristen cleaned the wound and did her best to bandage the palm of his hand.  After his shower she had me look at it, there was a lot of red around the sore and a line starting up his forearm.

Jackson (and Aurora) didn't understand why we were concerned.  As we explained it to them, fear and concern filled their eyes.  We assured them that good Doctors and good medicine would fix things up.
They were still worried.  We prayed and Kristen and Jackson headed off to Urgent Care at Children's.  By the time the Dr saw Jackson the red line was up to his bicep.  They said it wasn't in the blood, but in the muscle.  A strong shot of penicillin and it receded.  Pills for ten days to follow.....

Aurora still worried. She paced the living room, praying for her beloved brother.  I tried to explain to her that God didn't want us to worry, but rather to trust Him.  She put on her 'Papa shirt', miles too big, but comforting to her, climbed into her Mom's bed, hug an animal and told me she won't worry.  But I wasn't to leave the room.  Then little Elli joined her, snuggling close. Soon the Princess was asleep and the little dog stay right there until Jackson came home.

Dwight's cat knew when he needed comforted, and now Elli.  God is good, even with our pets.  And Drs and medicine.