Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Finally, after many attempts, the surgery to open Dwight's right kidney is a success. They removed the scar tissue, (that they couldn't laser through), and reattached it to ureter. We have drainage. Dwight will be so happy to have the tube removed from his back. On to physical therapy is about two weeks.

Dr G says there are still chucks in his left kidney that will need to be removed. No time frame or procedure plan. Maybe an incision. We will have to wait and see.

I am so thankful for all the people how have prayed, called sent cards, called and the hugs.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Info correction

Dwight called just as the kids and I ever getting to the van to visit. At Jackson's insistence--it is his Birthday #7 and he had to open his gift from Papa with Papa. But....

Dwight was being taken to Grant right that minute. Seems the Dr had ordered him there a day early, altho NO One knew. Not even the hospital when he got there. He isn't in the room he was told,but in a different one. We still don't know why he is there early.

And Jackson didn't get to open his gift with Papa. How disappointing.
And frustrating.


Dwight's surgery is tomorrow. We got the word from the nurse at Mill Run, not from the Doctor's office. Grr-r-r-r.

The surgery is scheduled for 2:45, we realize they always run late. They are picking Dwight up at 11:45 to have him there for his 12:45 check in appointment.

Dwight is anxious and spent much time in prayer during the night. The Lord impressed on him that he should anointed with oil today or tomorrow. It may have to be done in proxity.

Dwight would also feel better if he knew there was concentrated prayer for him. I realize I can not organize a prayer meeting this quick, but I do ask that all that can if you would say an extra prayer for him sometime this afternoon or evening -- and if you would let one of us know.

Dwight's room phone is 614-527-7147 if you would like to pray with him on the phone. We both would appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Sad News

Things have been going along fairly predictable. Long, mostly boring days for Dwight. Mostly in bed, occasionally sitting up at the edge of the bed for an hour or so. No new infections. A few visitors. A phone call now and then from someone besides me. And an occasional card.

We had a meeting with the Social Worker who said Dwight wasn't making any progress in physical therapy. (How could he with a drain tube in his back and a pic line in his arm?!?!?!?!!??). Basically, if he didn't a bed sore, medicare would kick him out. Thankful for a bedsore???

He got a new roommate early in July. Bill. Nice guy, celebrated his 75th Birthday at a family picnic with all of his extended family. He and they had a great time. He came back to Mill Run tired, but happy. Bill's son and two daughters that live in the area visited him daily. Bill seemed to doing fine till about a week ago. Each day he slept more and seemed more out of it.

Wednesday, in the early morning hours Bill took a real bad turn for the worst. His family was called in with the message: could be hours, could be days. Dwight was moved out of the room into the room across the hall so that they could have privacy. We prayed that the third daughter would make it into town, she did. Bill passed this morning. We didn't realize how much we had come to like this family. We truly feel their pain. Many hugs were exchanged. One of the daughters has said she will be back to visit Dwight. (The same one who brings him treats!!!)

Dwight had attempted to witness to Bill. Only God knows the results. This is the fourth time we know of that God has given Dwight an opportunity to be used of Him in the life of others during the last month.

Dwight's new roommate is a fellow Christian. A WWII vet, fought at Bunker Hill, as did Dwight's father. Wow!

Dwight's surgery is still scheduled for Tuesday. We are praying hard that nothing causes any problems. I ask all who read this to join us in prayer for final success in Dwight's kidney health---and then physical therapy.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Should we be surprised?

We have thought, basically were told while Dwight was at Grant, that Dwight's surgery would be next Tuesday, the 20th.

Today Dwight as asked a couple questions about getting ready for it, the nurse didn't have answers and called the Dr. His surgery isn't till the 27th. But we weren't called, they weren't called; just don't understand this. Dwight didn't tell me till I was at work so I couldn't call....

On a happy note, Dwight has had visitors at lunch time twice this week. Visitors, cards and phone calls are always welcome.

I am so thankful that he continues to be in good spirits, this is going on so long.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Holding Pattern

Things have been fairly normal for Dwight at Mill Run since his return Friday--after the family invasion that is. He still smiles real big when he recalls it.

Normal is mostly boring. Lying in his bed. Sitting in his bed. Eating three meals. (he really likes most of their food, even getting extras at times.) Watching news. Watching reruns. Watching the birds at the bird feeder, if his blinds are open. Waiting for me to stop in on my way home from work. Normal. Mostly boring.

Till yesterday. They weighted him, he has lost another 5 pounds. They washed his hair, it has been way, way too long since the last time. Three hours in his wheelchair, a lot of that in therapy, arm exercises. Kristen cutting his hair. Short. Too short for me, but he likes it. A very busy day for a guy who is normally bored.

Today he had more excitement. The lawn mowing crew was careless and knocked over several shepherds hooks with bird feeds on them. He was one of them, but his hit the window. The screen is tore up but the window isn't broke. PTL. I had purchased a new shepherds hood, it is still here. Guess it goes over to him tonight.

Hope the rest of the day is better.

His surgery is scheduled for next Tuesday, the 20th. Praying for no hiccups.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Day Off

Today was my day off. After arguing with myself, I decided to just sit and watch a movie. An old movie. An old, old movie.

This month we have a free channel: Retroplex. It plays old, old movies. Black and white. Early John Wayne. Etc. This morning it was a movie about Annie Oakley, my earliest childhood heroine, outside my family. It was a very good, old, black and white movie. The action scenes were interesting, as they are in all old movies. I was really enjoying it, in spite of dozen of questions from the 10 year old and almost 7 year old grandsons. They decided it was a good movie: guns, horses, Indians, old trains, bull wrestling, etc. Aurora was quietly playing with her favorite red Dodge monster truck and empty thread spools. (They make road edges...)

Then the call came. Dwight was being taken to the ER. His tube had broken and come out sometime in the morning. So much for sitting. I rushed to do all necessary to leave for who knew how long. Aurora was beside me step by step helping.

I then noticed the boys sitting together in Papa's big blue chair. Praying. For Papa being nervous. For an easy surgery. And who knows what all--just themselves and God.

But they were praying, first one and then the other. "Where two or three agree in prayer..."

I hate to say it, but the whole day was worth it to see those two exercise their growing faith.

It was a long, nerve racking day, about five hours at the hospital, but it ended good. A new tube inserted, altho it took two trys. He was back at Mill Run in time for supper.

Tim, Karin, Kristen and all five grandkids went to Build A Bear. I even went along--and I don't like Malls. We stopped in to see Dwight on the way home. Happy Papa. He was the happiest I have seen him in a long time. His smile, seeing all of us was the best and biggest we have had since all this started.

We thank God, once again for His faithful control and care of us.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Can you believe it?

Surgery was scheduled for noon. I made up a lunch of snack/finger foods for the grandchildren and headed to the hospital early enough to visit Dwight in his room before they wheeled him off.

Dwight was very happy to see us, and of course the kids had big smiles for their Papa. Shortly after we got there (and broke out the food) two Doctors from Dwight's kidney practice came in asking lots of questions about the surgery. I refrained from reminding them that there is a patient chart they can read. And that it is his kidneys that are having issues--they really should know some of this.

Then in walked Dr Brown and a resident. Wish you could have seen Jackson and normally shy Aurora, all smiles and "hi Dr Brown". You would think they were best friends.

I knew this wasn't just a last minute visit. Dr Brown explained that he had had a call from the infectious disease Dr and they had decided that it was best not to do the surgery at this time because of the current infections.( I counted five he mentioned, three in the blood). They are not sure of the cause of them, and will be running more tests to pinpoint them better. A pic line will be put in, and IV antibiotics will be administered. And he will be going back to Mill Run Care Center tomorrow for about two weeks. That is the earliest the two Doctors can tag team again.

Dwight's emotions were pretty well contained, I thought, but on the way home Jackson told me that Papa was disappointed. When everyone left Dwight said he wanted to pray, Jackson immediately went over and joined hands with Papa. A nurse came in, saw them and quietly left.

I am so happy that Issac and Jackson have such a close connection with their grandfather. It is a true blessing.

And on it goes.....

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Really?!?!? More?!?!?!!??

Both daughters and their families were able to get a visit in with their Dad and Papa today. Not sure who enjoyed it more, the Papa or the Grand kids. Karin told me later that Dwight kept dozing off during their visit, more than normal. When I tried to call him to let him know I was on my way he slept thru the phone ringing. And the tech had to wake him to order his supper, which he hardly ate.

He kept dozing off. Conversation is a challenge, he has trouble answering. Finally they took a blood oxygen reading and it was 86. It has been a constant activity since. Oxygen, EKG, more blood work, two Doctors, a call to Dr Sams (his family Dr). A chest x ray is ordered. Blood work from Saturday came back, another infection. Now we are waiting for transport to come and move him to step down, where he will be watched more.

His nurse on the floor tonight is both the nurse and the tech, and the only one for his wing. Definitely over worked tonight.

Not sure what this means to his surgery on Tuesday. It is a real challenge for both of to leave this in God's hands. We have read a lot of scripture tonight. It has helped us keep our focus on God and surrender (again) to his sovereign will.

more later....

just got word, they are keeping on this floor and keeping a close eye on him and upping his antibiotics. PTL

Friday, July 2, 2010


As part of their vacation, Karin and Tim planned a trip to the Zoo. Their family pass includes their niece and nephew, so their child group was five strong. Tim then decided Mimi should go too. Dwight wasn't sure if it was a good idea, he was afraid Tim planned to leave me with the lions, tigers or bears. But he said for me to take a chance and go.

It was a perfect day weather wise. It was crowded, think alot of people started their weekend early. We all enjoyed ourselves. I took a few pictures, but Tim took hundreds, I am sure Karin will be posting some soon.

The girls were just the cutest thing ever, going through the entire Zoo holding hands. Forgot to get a picture of that.

And, obviously, Tim didn't leave me. As the Purple People Eater says, "I wouldn't eat you, cuz you're so tough."