Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Some people...

Called my dear husband to say good morning only to discover him very discouraged.

Today is the three year anniversary of his brother's going home to glory. Calvin was only fifty, he left us too early.

Add that to what a nurse callously told him yesterday and I guess he should be discouraged. She told him his bed sore will never heal and that he is a long term patient. Don't think it was her place to tell him, or that he should have been told without us being with him when he was told. And we should have been told if this in deed fact and not just her opinion.

Sometimes I just don't know how to encourage him. I love him dearly and try to keep his spirits up.

Friday he had a visit from Dr Paul and Ruth. We have known Ruth for many years and she recalled many happy memories. As our friend Gigi says, as we age these memories grow fonder. Along with a goody bag, Dr Paul and Ruth gave him two of the best gifts ever, smiles and prayer. Thanks.

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