Saturday, November 26, 2011


For the few of you who regularly check my blog--and have found nothing lately--I apologize. My brain and ambition have also been missing some what lately. I know there are 'definitions' and lots of advice on curing/handling it. I know them, I counselled them, so I don't need them repeated to me. Thanks anyhow. It just is where I am now, but I don't intend on staying there. Life and stress can do that to you sometimes. And for those of you who know well, you know I am not just sitting in my stupor, but things are still getting done. Sometimes I get more done in a day than a person who is at their norm. Pity party over. Thanks for reading and not responding to it.

Dwight continues at the Care Center (AKA Nursing home). He is moved regularly it seems to different rooms, often to the confusion of family and friends who can't keep up. He has been in three different rooms in the last month. He is currently in room 121, a private room, although we are not, nor are we going to pay for a private room. He is not there at our request but because of the remodeling to 'old' rooms now that the new wing is open. The heavy push, verbally to move Dwight to another nursing home ended when Dwight and I continually insisted on a written request to move him. (When and why in writing please.) It seems we stirred something up. He was told he can stay. BUT not in a private room. That is out of my pay scale. I would like back all the time I spent going to many different nursing homes, making phone calls, and actually starting the paperwork. Not to mention the stress on both of us and the kids.

While in the first of three rooms Dwight was carrying a fever, after much requesting they ran a culture on his urine and found two UTI's. Yes, two. One related to MRSA. Took two more days to start antibiotics. After a week of antibiotics there were to test again, but it keep being put off. Now there is another complication. More waiting. And while waiting, he is really missing seeing the grandchildren, who aren't allowed in with the contagious infection. Not seeing family on BIG holidays is hard on anyone.

There is always fun stuff happening when you are a grandparent. Esther Faith has declared that I am her friend, a high honor indeed. Aurora declared (and is upset) that I am not old enough to have white hair mixed in with my blonde. Isaiah has decided that I don't like him as much as the rest because he isn't as cute as them. (Doesn't being very handsome, kind, loving and bringing me Tim Horton's count for anything.....?) And the other two, what fun to watch them interact, they are such great friends and share their own special jokes and laughter.

And speaking of Tim Horton' love that I was 'carded' (Golden Buckeye card) to get the senior discount. Sweet, naive boy thought I was 38. :).

I had a great trip home to New York and celebrated my 60th birthday (again) with my family there. Enjoyed so seeing everyone. There just wasn't enough time to converse with everyone, I need to head up again for some more time with every one. We even has snow for me, loved it. Can't have my birthday (Oct 29) without snow.

Now we are mostly caught up. My sewing/embroidery machine and lots of projects are calling me.....