Monday, May 24, 2010

God Can Steer a Tree

It has been a long stay for Dwight. Day 55 away from home. And more to come. But I know God is in control, so does Dwight, but at times it is hard to keep our hands off and trust God. The unseen is so unseen.

Thursday, as the gap between 'now' and the surgery got smaller, Dwight's anxiousness and prayers increased. As in true Dwight style, he made sure God understood everything....

Finally, God asked, "Why can't you just trust me?"

Dw: "I do. but I am still anxious and I can't get past it."

God: "You have a good memory. Just remember what I taught you in the middle of the wind storm."

Dw: "You mean when the tree fell?"

God: "Yes, what did I teach you then?"

Dw: "You can steer a tree."

God: "When you gave me your deepest fears and anxieties of the house being crushed from the tree falling you released me to perform a miracle. Right in front of your eyes, and the eyes of your neighbors. Now, just remember that if you surrender these anxious fears to me I will be with you no matter what. I AM your GOD and you are my child. Surrender--I have everything under control."

And Dwight calmed down, and had a time of prayer and praise.

When it was time for the surgery it didn't happen because of problems with surgeries before him. I truly it was God in Control because the Dr personally came to see Dwight and they decided to do a different type of surgery that should be more successful.

God is good...


susan baum said...

all the time...

jen said...

what an awesome post susie!!!

HennHouse said...

I agree with both Susan and Jen.