Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Grass

The heat and humidity have worked their magic. The grass is growing splendidly, where it was planted. Since I let each of the grandchildren help broadcast the seed we have various thickness of new lawn growing. Bare to quite thick. But beautiful green. Need a couple days of dry to reapply, not sure when that opportunity will present itself.

We have a few corn plant up, but only a couple sunflowers. Don't know if the birds helped themselves or if the grandchildren didn't plant enough. It will be interesting to see what we get.

Growing and learning--grandkids are fun.


Sam said...

If it was the seeds I gave you, it sounds like the birds may have gotten them. Those things spring up like weeds so if you planted a bunch and only got a few, something got to the seeds first.

Swedish Mama said...

Since the neighbor feeds half the pigeons in Columbus, along with a lot of other birds I don't welcome, I believe you are right. And they were planted by children so they may have been too deep and on the surface. I put more in yesterday, we will see.