Monday, July 26, 2010


Dwight's surgery is tomorrow. We got the word from the nurse at Mill Run, not from the Doctor's office. Grr-r-r-r.

The surgery is scheduled for 2:45, we realize they always run late. They are picking Dwight up at 11:45 to have him there for his 12:45 check in appointment.

Dwight is anxious and spent much time in prayer during the night. The Lord impressed on him that he should anointed with oil today or tomorrow. It may have to be done in proxity.

Dwight would also feel better if he knew there was concentrated prayer for him. I realize I can not organize a prayer meeting this quick, but I do ask that all that can if you would say an extra prayer for him sometime this afternoon or evening -- and if you would let one of us know.

Dwight's room phone is 614-527-7147 if you would like to pray with him on the phone. We both would appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.


HennHouse said...

Without ceasing, Mom.

Without ceasing.

Jeff and Melissa Blair said...


Also sending hugs from the Blairs.

jen said...

we are praying in this house :)