Wednesday, September 1, 2010

More Surgery

Dwight had a visit with Dr Brown. We were hoping for a great report. What we got was me being taken to the office. Dr Brown's office, where he showed me the cat scan of Dwight's kidneys. There are at least three stones still in the left kidney. One large. And another surgery in about three weeks. Hopefully Dr Brown will be able to put a tube into the left kidney (through the back) and remove the stones.

We asked if they would schedule it after September 13 when Dwight's sister in law is flying in from Salt Lake City to see him. (And the Steeler's!!!)

Our family is praying VERY HARD that everything will go just fine--normal--no surprises, set backs, etc. If we can get that done, and his bed sores healed we can hit physical therapy real hard-----and then maybe home. Maybe the kidneys will resume their job and we can say good bye to diayalsis.


Kristen said...


God is in control!

Love You Mom!

Hollie said...

Praying for you both, Susie! We don't know God's plans but we do know that he'll see us through them. Love and prayers.