Tuesday, September 28, 2010

end of day

I kissed Dwight as they wheeled him out of room 945. Pastor Tim and I rode with him to the third floor and to radiology. I went to the waiting room and Pastor Tim left for another hospital. (Do we truly appreciate that Man of God? He is super!)

I waited and waited. I asked two different people to check on the pre-surgery progress. Was assured they would let me know. Seemed like too long a wait, when I faintly heard my name paged, with a request to call a phone number. And of course, I had no cell service. Finding a phone I could use I called and was hung up on. Called again and no answer. So I went to the surgery waiting room, once there my phone worked. It seems Dwight was lying in OR, out cold, and had not been given the consent form to sign and they needed my OK. Hm-m-mm-m??????????????

The Doctor consult was not what I wanted to hear. We had been told that there were 3 stones in the left kidney, they only found and took out 2, "but some could have clustered"..... "Oh, and there is one 7mm in the right kidney. Maybe it will come out when the stints are taken out next week."

Dwight is quite tired, running a fever, and will have to have dialysis again tomorrow. The dialysis port was used for his IV and some meds so it didn't work right for his dialysis today. He will, therefore, spent another day at Grant. He had hoped to go back to Mill Run tomorrow.

Thanks to all who check my ramblings, care and pray. I (we) appreciate it more than we can tell you.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Last Surgery?

Dwight returned to Grant Hospital this afternoon. Scheduled return.

Surgery tomorrow morning to remove three kidney stones from the left kidney. The kidney they supposedly removed all the stones from in June.

Aurora and I went to visit Papa after supper. She was all smiles as she walked in, waiting for him to realize she was there. And of course, his smile was huge. They had quite a conversion about spiders, including her rendition of her Mother's screaming when she sees a spider.

We were not happy to see a nurse struggle to find a vein to get an IV going. It was the third attempt since he got there. It seems they either run into scar tissue and can't get through, or when they do get through the vein fails. There were ready to try again when Dwight stopped them. He told them he had something he needed to. He called Aurora to him and prayed with her so we could leave. Many times the nurses/aids/Doctors either ignore the prayer and continue with what they want to do or leave the room. These two nurses just stepped back and respected Papa with one of his grandkids.

Yesterday we were able to have worship with Karin, Tim, Isaiah, Isaac and Esther Faith. It is great to watch the young ones as they are learning about God and His wonderful work. The Henn Kids each colored him a picture for Papa's room -- each clearly exposing their special feeling for Papa.

We are very blest to have five wonderful grandkids, and their wonderful parents.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy Birthday--Good and Bad

Things have been going along fairly calm. We have been in a routine. Dwight has dialysis Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Any Dr appointments are on off days. Because my schedule has me working mostly to close(9 PM), I stop and see Dwight on my way home, staying till 11 or 11:30 PM. Routine.

Physical Therapy is to start soon. In fact, today. Strength building exercises that he can do in his bed.

Monday was Dwight's and Tim's birthday. Sunday evening we all gathered in Dwight's room for cake, ice cream, singing and laughing. Oh, and a lot of pictures. Visit Karin's blog for some great shots by Tim.

We all enjoyed the night, some eating too much. Isaiah volunteered to eat, finish anything we didn't want. Dwight thought he had eaten to much, as he didn't feel well about 10:00. As it turned out he was sick all night, including a fever of 102.8. At 8:00 AM his nurse decided they couldn't take care of him and scheduled him a trip to the ER. Gr-r-r.

At the ER it seemed to take way-y-y-y too-o-oo-o long to decide he has a bladder infection. but it seems they had reserved a bed for him for overnight. We weren't told it by his Primary Dr, just told that they wanted to be able to give him an IV if the fever came back. Dwight refused. An RN called the Nursing Home and led them to believe he was very sick.....that he shouldn't leave the hospital. Double Gr-r-r-r

But Dwight returned to Mill Run with a RX to fight the infection. Made it to dialysis today and started physical therapy. Usually he has little appetite after dialysis, but he did eat some tonight.

We are praying, and asking for prayer, that the infection will be gone by Monday so he can have the surgery on the left kidney on Tuesday as planned. With NO upsets.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Great Visit

Dwight's sister-in-law lives 1200 miles away. In Salt Lake City. Utah. Way too far away for weekly visits. Or monthly visits. Or holiday visits. Just too far away.

But we have had three visits.

(Side note: Dwight's brother, Calvin moved to Utah after their Dad went home to Glory. Meet and married a wonderful woman, Lynette. They, and Lynette's son, Zach made a wonderful family ans were greatly enjoying life. They had plans dor a trip to Ohio to meet us all when Calvin got very sick and joined his parents in Glory. Lynette kept their plans and visited us the next April. It was the first we meet our out west family--and they are definitely family).

This weekend Lynette, Zach and their friend Kim flew out to Pittsburgh to visit Kim family in Johnstown, to cheer the Steelers to victory (face paint and all). Then a trip to see us in Columbus.
Complete with Steeler gifts.

We paid a visit to Dwight. Lynette pulled out a bag and handed Dwight a stack of old books, not any old books. But song books, chorus books and a camp meeting song book that all have "Ralph C. Shirey" hand written in the upper right corner of the cover.

Dwight slowly went through each book, stopping often to read or sing a line, a verse, or an entire song. Was hard to hold in the emotions: Dwight was singing again. Memories of Mom Shirey playing the piano (that was a Christmas gift one year from Dad), while Dad, Dwight and Calvin sang in harmony--harmony that is unique to family voices. Lots of memories. Including the new one made Monday night.

Tears, smiles, hugs, prayer together and more hugs. What a great day. What great visit.

Friday, September 10, 2010


Wednesday I stopped on my way to work to leave Dwight a few things and see how his arm was feeling.

He had a visitor. Why is it that when people get a title they get an attitude of self-importance and a condensing air? Just asking..

I could sense immediately that Dwight was upset, very upset. He wasn't necessarily showing it, but after 38 years of marriage you do tend to pick up on things. It seems, that on Sunday, September 12th, Dwight's 100 days of stay, paid for (and co-paid for) are up. And they have a waiting list of people who want in for long care. And Dwight (I) need to start looking for another home to take him. Oh, he can stay till the 27th, when he goes to hospital for his next kidney surgery. What? I just walked by 6 rooms-6 double rooms with only one person in them. Waiting list, empty beds? And that was only one hall.

Since I walked into the middle of the conversation, and Dwight was upset I wasn't sure I understood it all. I am not sure 'she' did either. She keep referring to another person who was 'off today." And we need to get answers from her. I informed them that we were still waiting to hear from the gentleman about Dwight's application for Medicaid. Waiting, waiting, calling--leaving messages, over and over, faxing that we are waiting, over and over and still waiting....

And, put Dwight on their waiting list. He has been here, doesn't want to leave till it is time to return to our home.

Yesterday (Thursday) someone stopped in Dwight's room and told him that he can stay four more months, if needed. Then it would be month by month, if necessary. Not sure whose tree was rattled, but--------------

PRAISE THE LORD!!! He hears and answers prayer.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Same old, same old--and something new

Things have been pretty much the same for Dwight. Dialysis three times a week. Reruns and some new shows on USA. Farscape on the DVD player. An occasional call or visit. Mostly just lying in bed because they still won't start physical therapy because of the bed sore.

I don't know how he stands it, I sure won't. I would want to be reading or sewing. We won't even discuss how much he has missed getting to the wood shop this summer. And reading...that is pretty much lost to him. With his glasses missing (in a nurses drawer) for three months his eyes really suffered. He can't even wear his regular glasses now, he wears his reading glasses for everything. Sure wish he could get an eye exam and get new glasses. Maybe sometime in the next years. He does get several woodworking magazines--he does enjoy the pictures! I will save most of them.

Yesterday, (Wednesday) he had a permanent pic line installed in his left arm for dialysis. They gave him a nerve block and his arm was pretty much useless the rest of the day. Was humorous when I would forget and hand him a magazine to look at a picture and he couldn't hold it. Didn't stop him from enjoying his meals, including pie for lunch yesterday.

He has a regular prayer list and special requests I bring to him. Altho he can't read God's word, he does pray daily for many people.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Surgery Date

Hurry up and wait. Dr Brown really wants to get this done so Dwight can get busy getting back to normal.

BUT the first open date they have is September 28th. No, it has nothing to do with our asking that the surgery not be September 13th. The 28th is simply the earliest they have.

But, if they have a cancelation they will call and let us know. Is it okay to say 'Gr-r-r-r'?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

More Surgery

Dwight had a visit with Dr Brown. We were hoping for a great report. What we got was me being taken to the office. Dr Brown's office, where he showed me the cat scan of Dwight's kidneys. There are at least three stones still in the left kidney. One large. And another surgery in about three weeks. Hopefully Dr Brown will be able to put a tube into the left kidney (through the back) and remove the stones.

We asked if they would schedule it after September 13 when Dwight's sister in law is flying in from Salt Lake City to see him. (And the Steeler's!!!)

Our family is praying VERY HARD that everything will go just fine--normal--no surprises, set backs, etc. If we can get that done, and his bed sores healed we can hit physical therapy real hard-----and then maybe home. Maybe the kidneys will resume their job and we can say good bye to diayalsis.