Monday, April 26, 2010

A Week Later...

...but any real change?

Dwight continues to fight infections: blood infection; staph infection at the port site; abnormal bacteria in the urine; UTI and on and on.

An attempt to 'drill' in thru his back into the kidney to remove the 1.3 mm kidney stones. Laying on his side, his body spasmed and they couldn't drill safely.

Now they want to remove the stones another way, after he regains his strength through rehab. But he wasn't moved today as we were told he would be. Nurses are confused, Doctors are confused and frustrated and we are...............waiting.

In the meantime the lawn is growing nice and lush. The violets and lily of the valley are blooming together, the lilacs are so full, beautiful and fragant. AND our maples that were planted last spring look great! Part of spring is wonderful.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spinning Wheels

When I was a child, living on the farm we did a lot of 'green' things. But we didn't know we were 'green', it was just living. Cow manure on the fields and garden to fertilize. Composting. Burning our trash--not sure that was 'green', but everyone in the country did it. AND, we collected cans from soup, veggies, tuna fish,etc. and coffee (if Dad didn't need them for nuts & bolts, nails, etc that he was saving for another project). All steel cans were collected in 55 gallon steel drums and then loaded into a wagon on the back of the tractor. My brothers and sisters climbed in the wagon, but I, the oldest, got to sit on the tire fender of the tractor and ride with Dad.

Off we went to our private dump in the woods. In a normal spring it rains, alot. There was a small dip we went through, part of a drainage ditch. Without fail we would get hung up there, thankfully it ususally happened coming back up to the house. And we would spin those big old tractor tires, flinging mud everywhere. We'd laugh and duck, of course I couldn't let go so I think I wore the most. Those in the wagon, even with hiding on the bed, got plenty on them. I do believe Dad survived with almost none.

What fun. but the situation with Dwight isn't fun. Although he is better, much better than two weeks ago, it seems we have landed in a dip, full of mud. He has improved, very, very slowly. And now it seems another infection has set in. This mud isn't fun. I just want him better. I just want the infection(s) gone, the surgery to remove the kidney stones done, him healed and home. So does the dog and his cat.

I know God has allowed this and He can use it for good, but I am just not seeing it right now. But without God's strength I shutter to think where we would be:

Psalms 46:1
God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

So hard

Sam drove in yesterday afternoon to spend some time with his Dad. How hard it is for the children to see their once strong, very talkative, loud laughing Dad lying in a hospital weak and mostly silent.

Dwight and Sam had a very good visit. Sam shared some stories with his Dad, bringing some smiles and soft laughter. When Dwight dozed off, usually for only a minute or two, Sam patiently waited for him to open his eyes, and continue their conversation.

When it was time for Sam to leave he wanted to pray with his Dad. Usually Dwight prays with the kids and grandkids when they leave.

Sam's heart was exposed--his prayer, asking God for his father's healing was mixed with strong emotion.

I am so thankful the girls have been there all they have, even leaving work to be with him when I couldn't. Son-in-law Tim was viviting with when his desire to talk returned... And Sam leaving what he was involved in to cheer up and pray with his Dad.

No Supper

Supper hour had come and gone and the little I ate off Dwight's supper tray (honest, he didn't want it!) wore off. I was quite hungry. Sam was leaving, so Aurora and I decided to walk down with him as far as the cafeteria. But it was closed. So we walked Sam out to the parking garage, and then around the corner to the Subway. It was closed, my tummy wasn't happy. Aurora and I discussed it, after all it was only 7:30.

Me: I guess Mimi doesn't get supper now, didn't know everything closed early.

Aurora: You can have my french fries, I didn't touch them. They are a vegetable inside--the yellow part.

Me: Why thank you, I was hoping for a little more.

Aurora: Well, you can eat when you get home.

Me: Yes I can, I think I will have a piece of cheddar cheese.(Favorite of both of us)

Aurora: I am going home with you.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hospital Time, Again

We seemed to be making progress in Dwight's health after his hospital say in February. Too slow to suit me, but there seemed to be some progress. But I was wrong--the kidney stones are still plaguing him, major plaguing. Sunday I was busy fixing a nice dinner for him and the rest of the family that was coming to join us, and didn't notice--but Kristen did. And it was down hill from there.

I suggested a hospital visit Sunday evening but he refused, but after a very rough night he decided Monday morning that it was time. By then he was so weak that it took alot of extra help to get him moved.

He has slept almost constantly since we arrived at the ER. When he is awake it is very difficult to have a conversation with him. He has seen a couple dozen Doctors, all have decided that everything is the result of the infection from the 8 kidney stones that have rediscovered. (The first cat scan Feb 13 found them, the next 3 didn't show them--now they are there again) At least 2 of them are 1 centimeter. And moving.

He was to have stunts put in again today, but he is confused and didn't understand and refused. I was at work and couldn't help him. When I was able to help him understand to need for them it was too late for today so it is scheduled for 10 AM.

After eating supper with him (he actually ate a little), we kissed, he fell asleep and I went home. Just as I settled into my laz-boy with a late night snack, he called and asked me to come back. He had an angel visit his room and tell him it was okay. His take on it and mine are not the same.

I am with him and he is resting better. He is now in a private room and I have a faux sleep chair and will try to sleep. Hospital noise, no feather pillow, no cat purring by my ear--but I will try.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Extreme Spring Cleaning

Altho a advocate for Spring Cleaning, I do believe there are limits---which I pushed this week.

Dwight is battling some unknown internal problem that causes him to have extreme sweating in the middle of the night, resulting in very soaked bedding. And an usual amount of laundry. One night it was so much that his pillow was like a damp sponge.

Now mind you I have washed his favorite, I will only sleep it pillow many times before. But this time was different, very different. At the command of the buzzer I went to the basement to move the now clean bedding to the dryer. but I found the washer to be full of foam, very large chunks, very wet chunks of foam. Gr-r-r-r..............

I pulled out the offending object--(I refuse to acknowledge it by its proper name any longer). It was still about half full. And everything else was wearing remnants of the stuffing. EVERYTHING.

All were shook off as best as possible and placed in the dryer. And the washer was still 1/3 full of foam.

After giving it a couple of days to dry I attacked it with the shop vac, much to the amazement of my four year granddaughter. She didn't know I had a down stairs vac. She loved watching it so much that she, (the child afraid of vacs) asked to help. Soon she was vacuuming the floor--lose foam, cat food, whatever wasn't nailed down. She was also delighted when we removed the lid and found the vac overfull and returning the excess to the floor--more to sweep.

She was delighted------I wasn't. Especially when she left before the cleaning was done with Kiki, Uncle Tim and the cousins for COSI.

Question---how many of you have vacuumed your washing machine tub?