Friday, August 26, 2011

Extreme news--good and bad

Dwight's pain continues to an issue. Everytime he is in and out of the hospital the meds are adjusted and readjusted. At times he is barely comfortable. During the first visit to the new pain Dr, he seemed to be listening (sometimes mostly to himself and all he does in his free time) and said he would get the meds back to where they need to be. But the scripts weren't quite right.

Then back in the hospital with them looking at old med charts and using them and sending him back the Mill Run with those orders, except for a decrease in his baclafin, because it could damage his kidneys. (Which are already damaged?!?!???)

This week Dwight had a 2nd visit with the pain doctor, who did not inquire how things were, just started cutting one drug in half and increasing another, one that make Dwight drowsy. Dwight started to ask why, and couldn't they leave the one alone, as it was working most of the time. Doc said no, Dwight attempted to engage him in dialogue to understand his plan and the Doctor snapped his laptop shut, stood up and stated, "We are done here." and walked out of the room. Not sure what we will do next, we are examining some options.

Good news: while Dwight continues simple physicial therapy in his room, sitting on the bed edge and arm strengthing, his goal is his wheelchair.

Last week a few techs where shown how to get him in and out of his wheelchiar with the lift. Two got it, two were bored.

Today they got him in his chair and wheeled him to the therapy room where he did a few exercises and back to his room. Of course Dwight gave a happy hello to everyone he passed.

He is quite excited and hopeful.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Want to cry---or scream..

When the remnants of Ike came through three years ago our home suffered some damage, as did many others in the area. Finding repair men was quite a challenge. Dwight did find one gentleman that he was confident would take good care of our needs. (Of course Dwight would rather have been able to do it himself).

Instead of the man Dwight talked to, he sent his wanta be son in law. As it has turned out, he really didn't know as much as he needed to. Too many things have shown that, including the repeated flood in my kitchen.

Twice in as many weeks we had a strong storm come in from the north. A combination of an unsealed door frame and either full gutter or unbalanced gutter resulted with a water fall into my kitchen. Water was literally spraying out of the top of the door jam, shooting out into the room. A bucket placed under it had 7" of water in it, plus all the rest loading the towels on the floor. So glad I got home shortly before it started.

In the basement it was running down the north wall, the worst near where the door is. Plus several other spots. So very frustrating.

We have talked about a roof over the porch, which if installed correctly, may help with some of it. I will need to seal over the door tomorrow, somehow, I asked the neighbor if I could borrow a ladder.....hate to seal the moisture in, would wait till Wednesday but it is to rain again.

Dwight: another infection sent him to the ER on Tuesday, two 'bugs', ones he hasn't had before. Back to Mill Run Thursday after dialysis. He has five days of IV antibiotics to fight it. He does have a new room mate. We were able to get a live church service on the Internet this morning, which we enjoyed.

Celebrated (late) Karin's birthday this morning and Jackson's kid birthday party his afternoon. Fun.

Thanks for letting me stew.

Monday, August 1, 2011

No, you did not....

I have loved cats since before my rememberer started working. My family always has had cats. On the farm there were lots of barn cats, in the spring more kittens than you wanted to count. And by autumn there were way less. Dad would sent a spray of the freshest milk out from under a cow straight into the mouth of the smartest cats. There was always warm, foamy milk poured into the pan for the 'family'. (We called it the cat pan, but it was for food and milk--not the same definition we use today.)

My favorite is grey. I think because we had a wild momma cat that you couldn't get within 20 feet of. Every spring she produced 2 or 3 grey kittens who never made it to adulthood. Until the last year of her life, she had two dark grey kittens, all grey, just like her. I finally was able to get to them one day while she was away. One definitely was going to be wild like her. The other, a little girl, seemed to enjoy being held and loved. When they were about two months old momma went hunting and never returned, a few day later the wild one disappeared also. The little girl allowed some loving and stayed around but didn't make it through the winter. She snuggled a warm cow and forgot to move....

I have had a few more grey cats since, three were very special, loving pets. And now I have another that is doing all he can to be added to the list. He definitely does not like being left alone. The empty nest is not to his liking. He will sit in the other room and protest. Like I am going to go to him, really...trot your little self to me.

Tonight we had some loving, a snack, some in your face while you try to read, and some yowling. Then, after another round of protest from the kitchen he ran straight into the bathroom, onto the toilet seat and..............

............drank from the toilet.

Seriously--I thought that was a dog trick.

He has water in the gravity water dish, water in another dish, but evidently, only the freshest will do for him.