Friday, September 10, 2010


Wednesday I stopped on my way to work to leave Dwight a few things and see how his arm was feeling.

He had a visitor. Why is it that when people get a title they get an attitude of self-importance and a condensing air? Just asking..

I could sense immediately that Dwight was upset, very upset. He wasn't necessarily showing it, but after 38 years of marriage you do tend to pick up on things. It seems, that on Sunday, September 12th, Dwight's 100 days of stay, paid for (and co-paid for) are up. And they have a waiting list of people who want in for long care. And Dwight (I) need to start looking for another home to take him. Oh, he can stay till the 27th, when he goes to hospital for his next kidney surgery. What? I just walked by 6 rooms-6 double rooms with only one person in them. Waiting list, empty beds? And that was only one hall.

Since I walked into the middle of the conversation, and Dwight was upset I wasn't sure I understood it all. I am not sure 'she' did either. She keep referring to another person who was 'off today." And we need to get answers from her. I informed them that we were still waiting to hear from the gentleman about Dwight's application for Medicaid. Waiting, waiting, calling--leaving messages, over and over, faxing that we are waiting, over and over and still waiting....

And, put Dwight on their waiting list. He has been here, doesn't want to leave till it is time to return to our home.

Yesterday (Thursday) someone stopped in Dwight's room and told him that he can stay four more months, if needed. Then it would be month by month, if necessary. Not sure whose tree was rattled, but--------------

PRAISE THE LORD!!! He hears and answers prayer.


Sam said...

One of the guys from my Christian Pipesmokers forum is going to send you a card at the house to give to Dad. Just an FYI.

Love ya Mom.

Hollie said...

Oh, I'm sure that was a true answer to prayer!! So frustrating but God always makes a way.

Kelli Cobb said...

Thank you God! Love, the Cobbs