Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Dwight is getting daily therapy, and making slow progress, but there is progress. His body has been so beat up by the infections that he is really drained. Until the stones are removed the infection will continue--and the stones can't be removed until he is strong enough. Reminds me of the whirlpool we saw above the falls at Niagara. Around,around, and around--where is the end?

It seems there is a steady stream of Drs, different ones every day, all with different ideas and tests and meds. Now they have discovered another problem, a problem we have decided it's not something to worry about right now. And they have added another IV. And no one says where he is going, but the date to leave is still set at next Tuesday.

If you have room for another prayer request, please add our son Sam. He is dealing with a very nasty 'viral' something...please jump over to his blog and let him tell you himself.



HennHouse said...

Esther-Faith was VERY upset that we didn't go see Dad after preschool today... But I promised her we would go tomorrow.

Love you both.

jen said...

prayers for all of you. you, papa D, sam....