Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spinning Wheels

When I was a child, living on the farm we did a lot of 'green' things. But we didn't know we were 'green', it was just living. Cow manure on the fields and garden to fertilize. Composting. Burning our trash--not sure that was 'green', but everyone in the country did it. AND, we collected cans from soup, veggies, tuna fish,etc. and coffee (if Dad didn't need them for nuts & bolts, nails, etc that he was saving for another project). All steel cans were collected in 55 gallon steel drums and then loaded into a wagon on the back of the tractor. My brothers and sisters climbed in the wagon, but I, the oldest, got to sit on the tire fender of the tractor and ride with Dad.

Off we went to our private dump in the woods. In a normal spring it rains, alot. There was a small dip we went through, part of a drainage ditch. Without fail we would get hung up there, thankfully it ususally happened coming back up to the house. And we would spin those big old tractor tires, flinging mud everywhere. We'd laugh and duck, of course I couldn't let go so I think I wore the most. Those in the wagon, even with hiding on the bed, got plenty on them. I do believe Dad survived with almost none.

What fun. but the situation with Dwight isn't fun. Although he is better, much better than two weeks ago, it seems we have landed in a dip, full of mud. He has improved, very, very slowly. And now it seems another infection has set in. This mud isn't fun. I just want him better. I just want the infection(s) gone, the surgery to remove the kidney stones done, him healed and home. So does the dog and his cat.

I know God has allowed this and He can use it for good, but I am just not seeing it right now. But without God's strength I shutter to think where we would be:

Psalms 46:1
God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble.


Kristen said...

We want him home too! Jackson is very eager to have dad home, he wants to work in the shop and hang out with him. But he is leary of hospitals. He often seems detached when we are there, like he isn't sure what to do or say. And every time he prays for dad, he prays that he will get better because he wants him to come home. We love you mom!! And we too are praying that he will get better and come home!!!

jen said...

hope the mud is gone soon!! thanks for sharing that Psalms verse. i read it today for my reading :)

Hollie said...

When things start to become overwhelming to me, my favorite quote floats through my head......"this too shall pass." Praying that you will have the strength you need to get through each day.

Gina said...

How's the quilting going? It has ALWAYS been good therapy for me in times of trouble.
A Stich in time, saves my mind!
Have a good day, I just happened upon your blog, but then again, I believe nothing is an accident.
A fellow quilter, Gina

vani said...

its awesome to read your blog especially comin from other part of the world everyline of yours is intriguin...keep goin, cheers!!!