Monday, August 2, 2010

Is There No End?

Dwight's surgery was a success. He was tired and slept alot, but everything appeared to be going just fine. Even with the blood transfusion to build up his red blood count. We were just waiting for the drain tube in the incision to be removed and for clearance from all Doctors -- then back to the nursing room to start rehab.


Saturday night Dwight was told he has MRSA in his bed sore. There goes Sunday visits and snuggles with the grandchildren.

Saturday night and Sunday night the night nurse decides not to wake Dwight up for his midnight pain meds. Meds he HAS TO HAVE to handle the 24/7 pain. It is a written order, every night at midnight. Every night, wake him up--give him his meds. Always, till this nurse decides not to...needless to say Dwight has suffered. This morning he let them know his thoughts on that. I am sure it won't happen again.

They haven't been giving him his colace(seems they thought they had a better plan, one that has already been tried and failed)--till Dr Sams steps in and insist on it, but now he is five days behind and suffering for it.

This morning he is told he has to have a kidney x-ray, it seems his kidney function is decreasing. It was ok before. If it doesn't improve in 48 hours....

Test results: kidneys just are not returning to full function after this last invasion. And they have a yeast infection. Is there no end?

It is remarkable how he handles all this. Only with the grace and strength of God.

We are still looking up. God is in control, even if we totally do not understand.


Donna Lewis said...

Susie - We are praying for you all. This has to be so trying. I can't imagine the emotional roller coaster you must be on. Sometimes when there is nothing else we can do except turn the care of our loved ones over to the doctors and nurses, it is hard to trust them. Then you have a problem like the ones you described and it makes it even harder to trust.
Glad God is helping Dwight go through all the pain.

jen said...

oh no. prayers are continued from our home!!! (((HUGS)))

Hollie said...

Sending thoughts and prayers your way. This must be extremely difficult for both of you.